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"Items given by NPC" should be added to the template. Love that theres a "items that refer to this NPC"
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She will trigger a boss fight when killed, I stepped out and back in and walked to her chair and a boss fight initiated.
What boss was it?
Dancer of the Boreal Valley is the boss fight



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Why killing her will make Dancer of the Boreal Valley available for fight? What is her relation with the boss?
It's just that she drops the basin of vows, and putting it by the statue will initiate the fight. It has nothing to do with killing her
He Pontiff gave the dancer to her as a gift.
The Dancer and the Vordt where like watchdogs to that area. The Vordt try to stop you from leaving Lothric, and after you place the basin in the statue you gain access to the castle, then the Dancer comes down to stop your progress
First time playing a souls game. After several hours of sucking and repeated deaths; I have become overly cautious. Once I had finally cleared both the knights, I looked through the church doors. I see some creepy lady sitting in a chair. I noped the ***** out the other way. Found a giant beast man that smashed my face. Ok back to creepy church lady. "Maybe I can cheeze kill her? " I think to myself as I draw my longbow. Much to my delight, she takes damage, and stays seated! Sweeeet! Chuck a few more arrows into her, and I'm rewarded with 1000 souls and a bunch of weird free stuff! I run in circles in celebration! Then a giant demon lady with a fire sword crawls out of a window and wrecks my face.... God*****it Dark Souls


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What you get for being """cautious."""
Every noob I have met does this. :/ Come on, really? I know you don't know, but you just don't flat out kill her. You confirm it's bad or good or ________. And don't start with Dark Souls 3. You skipped like 3 games, and this game contains many references to them. People, people.
See if you can target the NPC, if it can't be targeted then it is friendly.
Always wait for the baddies to come at you the first time you go somewhere new.
Yea sure.... You needed to sell that homeward bone early?
lol Paranoid Souls ftw
Idk how getting 45k souls early is pointless o.o
When she asks me to 'raise the banner and proceed' where do I do this?
In the base of the High wall.
outside, after the bonfire where you beat vordt. walk to the edge before it ends and it'll prompt you to raise it.
If you kill her you literally gaining access to the end-game. So everyone who seeks challenge, powerful items, fast leveling and etc. should try killing her.
There isn't really much you can find there that will make anyone OP. Unless you farm the areas.
Honestly whats the fun in being op early... Do it the right way and enjoy the game
Lots of people find fun in different ways. Being OP early and often is one way I have fun, but there's also the fun of a challenge, like facing the Dancer of the Boreal Valley before even beating Vordt.
Is there a drawback to killing her?


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Has anyone gotten any conflicts that may hinder or stop progress on any npc quests by killing het and entering lothrich castle early?
would also like to know this.
also want to know this.
I don't see what would be affected, unless you went and beat Oceiros (for which you can summon Hawkwood), or the Prince early (as you can summon Sirris and Orbeck). But not summoning them for those fights does not prevent their quests from continuing (as I've found). BUT killing those bosses early might affect some flags..
the only one I can think of is npcs summonable for Oceiros, since the Grand Archives are locked if you go there early (no body with key either)