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FP Cost in first table when hover over with cursor says "poisedmg.png" when we know its FP Cost. Unsure how to edit that; maybe its linked description is mislabeled?
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The longbow's weapon art can knock target's down similar to that of a great bow.
Just started Souls 3, what arrows can I use for it or is it just the standard ones? I tried the wooden ones you can buy in firelink shrine
Standard arrows are actually very useful because they don't have the range loss of large arrows, but still a bit more damage than feather arrows. Split damage arrows don't seem very effective in this game (except Moonlight arrows with the Darkmoon bow, and if an enemy has a weakness against the element)
All arrows that are not bolts or great arrows. Large arrows are a solid option for the price, though feather arrows give you a bit more range at the expense of some damage. Dark arrows give you some tracking. All preference and context based. I normally use large arrows with dark arrows in my second slot.
When combined with an effective understanding of a small stairwell and indestructible environment this weapon can humble any behemoth in the game. Just buy 400 arrows, shoot and run to the stairwell, and then just use said arrows
also normal skeletons wielding this weapon in the catacombs drop it, not just the large red-eyed ones although both drop them very rarely even with the item discovery set up.
What is the minimum req for this to wield?
A brain.
If you infuse the longbow with a poison gem and use a poison arrow, how much poison would that yield?
"Cannot be Infused or Buffed."
I sold the longbow thinking it wasn't that great. Yeah turns out i really want it. Do i need to wait until the catacombs to get it again?
Why does a wooden bow weigh more than a metal sword?
There's more wood in a wooden bow than metal in a metal sword. IRL, metal longswords and wood longbows both weigh about 3 pounds on average
People still can't wrap their mind around the fact that swords mostly are very light. And realistically longbows would be just as tall if not taller than the archer, containing quite a bit of wood. See, this is one thing that fantasy and gaming gets so wrong it gets me...Swords are dexterity weapons, bows are strength. You have to be a mighty strong chap to draw a 100lb warbow. Way stronger than what is required to be good at sword fighting.