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My first time ever editing a wiki, I just wanted to contribute to the community, please admins and other editors, if I make an error let me know and tell me how I can better my editing in the future. Thanks.
Does anybody know the +10 scaling of these yet?
Kinda annoyed with how little Fist weapons are in this game. I don't mean in terms of there only 5. Like only way to get Caestus is to find it at, that one location? It's a basic fist weapon every weapon type should have a basic buyable version. What if i wanna make 10 caestus and have 1 maxed with each element? etc.

seems silly. Something like this is overlooked. I got demon fist, and i get even manikan claws. but claws and Caestus should be obtainable pretty simple for multiple upgrades.
They also seem much worse than ever. They feel too slow for their damage, and also have too little damage or stagger to make up for that. The lack of range and bad special on this one really make me wonder how I am supposed to use it. If it scaled well that would be fine (like in DS2) but they are barely average in that department.

Maybe im missing something.
Two hits with this does half the damage of an un-upgraded axe

I cri
yes... but do you want to be a brawler or a lumberjack? lol i hope they buff the caetus a little or at least give us stone ring back in DLC but the silly weapon skill (same as a talisman) kinda suggests otherwise :\
Enemies hardly get staggered by power stance one two jab, making it very risky to use on certain enemy with quick recovery.

Also the there are more frames in light attack making the swing speed significantly slower than in ds2.
Caestus +1 2 hits deal half the damage of long sword +0 1 hit
These can't compare to the Dark Souls 2 counter-part. First they are incredible slow, have no stagger, and since there isn't a stone ring they never will. The Caestus will need a serious buff to see any pvp use. While in Dark Souls 2 they were a fantastic pvp; they taught you how to play without a shield and how to punish your enemy for making mistakes (by far my favorite weapon in the game). Really hope these get a substantial buff


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I fought a guy with two Caestus, using fire, I just traded hits and win, indeed, it needs serious buff!! I am always extra cautious when fighting a Caestuses user in DS2, they can combo half of your health with this thing.
Just to let you know, caestus parry frames start immediately as soon as you press the button. This exploit makes up for the fact that they are horrible otherwise, and allow you to put them in offhand and parryfish against any opponent you desire.
Thank you, this explains why I see everyone and their grandma using it in their offhand. Currently using offhand parry dagger and it seems like I still need to predict the attack more than react to it. Sucks to be fist weapon fanatics, their favourite weapon will now forever be a supplement.
the light attack appears faster if used with a single caestus.
While two-handing, the L1 (PS4) attack is a faster hit than the R1.