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you need a minimum of 19 STR to 2H it
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By DexCasul
Looks more like the Golden Age Sword, but thicker.
By Anonymous
Golden Age Sword, but thicker = GIRTHQUAKE
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
buts and costco
By Anonymous
nuts from bercek
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
*forces starts playing in the background*
By Anonymous
This thing's r2 will hit you so hard your death scream will change to bloodborne's
By Anonymous
I’ve sent many hosts and phantoms to hell with this guts sword. Good choice
By Anonymous
is there no way to get another before NG+1? I want a different infusion
By Anonymous
use a shriving stone
By Anonymous
shriving stone
By Anonymous
Why even use shriving stones when you can just overwrite infusions?
By Anonymous
Over the course of 20+ playthroughts, this has become my favorite Crowd Control weapon for Strength Builds. No Dex investment required on Deprived, hits like a truck, massive reach and hyper-armor. Throwing out an R2 against, say, the Deacons of the Deep, feels like you turned on cheats codes. The fact it's available after just two bosses is the cherry on top.
By Anonymous
Just did the "deacons of the deep" R". It does feel like cheating hahha
By Anonymous
bro this greatsword is so good because you can USE IT 9 LEVELS IN ON DEPRIVED
By Anonymous
No other weapon has given me the same satisfaction like the DS3 version of this and the Hunter Axe from Bloodborne.

It’s 2h R1 vertical attack chain feels akin to opening a black hole of destruction on the patch of land in front of you.

It’s less of an attack and more of a challenge thrown to any enemy foolish enough to try to approach you from the front and well, if they approach from the rear, they’re going to get pancaked by the same R1 swing as the front on some 180 degree ****ery.

The true genius behind the weapon is the second R1 in the R1 combo. Once the enemy catches the first R1, lifting the sword for the second R1 counts as a full second attack even though it is basically instantaneous and both will combo basically any enemy for 2 more R1s and likely a stance break. Every R1 after the first will also hit large enemies twice.

Just make sure you have enough stamina to swing with free abondon because my god, the power…

By Anonymous
Few things in this world are as satisfying as landing a fully charged r2 on 3 pcks tryhards.
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