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By Anonymous
By seeing its moveset in the beta/stresstest etc... the moveset of this weapon looks a lot like an Ultra Greatsword and not just a Greatsword. I thinks that's more like the Dark Souls 1 or 2 Greatsword weapon which is an ultra greatsword.
By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure It is an ultra, just says it a greatsword to get the point to people
By Pale_Soul
Fixed the wrong icon being displayed compared to the weapons page. It's now the correct image of the sword and not the one from ds1.
By Prosnorkulous
D strength scaling? Anyone know if it goes up drastically with upgrades?
By Anonymous
No bosses or locked gates block your progress to Farron Keep and it's not far from the bonfire in that area. You can make a run for it from the fist bonfire in the Undead Settlement without fighting anything. In fact, I did it yesterday on my second playthrough; didn't even bother to upgrade any other weapons. Just light all the bonfires on your way in case you die. With that being said, it's probably quite harder to do on your first attempt without knowing where to go.
By Prosnorkulous
I thought this was found in farron keep? If so how would I be able to get it as early as the undead settlement?
By Anonymous
Could you link a video of this speed run from undead settlement? Favorite weapon in Dark Souls ll would love to have it early.
By Anonymous
There you go, mate. Had to record it myself. Added in a new comment for all to see. Good luck - it's a tough trek.
By Anonymous
I'm at 47 strength and 10 dexterity and it has C scaling in both for (318 + 178) 496 damage. Infused with heavy, it has B scaling in strength for (294 + 218) 512 damage. Not much of a difference then. I think that in a pure strength build it's only outdamaged by Fume, but I don't have enough dexterity to check out some other UGS for their max damage.It doesn't really matter because it's got a sweet moveset. Played the entire game with it and it's a beast of a weapon. The jumping attack has been nerfed and doesn't have that range any more, but the 2-handed running attack, rolling R1 and the R2 are great. The running attack is a really fast vertical slam and good for opening up. The rolling R1 is a 360 spin and very fast as well - roll behind them and hit them in the back (especially useful for the penultimate mandatory boss - two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean). The R2 has so much hyperarmour on it that I get hit by bosses for more than half of my health and still carry it out. And you can charge it to time it properly. And it has a follow up attack. You can still get staggered at the very beginning of your animation though. 1-handed moveset is mostly the same, except for the R1s, which are horizontal instead of vertical, and the R2, which is vertical instead of horizontal.You can also make a suicide run for it and get it as soon as Undead Settlement.
By Anonymous
One more thing: if you fully charge the 2-handed R2, it knocks down enemies. It's a nice setup for the follow-up which you can charge as well and let go just in time when they're getting up.
By Anonymous
Guts sword?
By Anonymous
It's too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough. It's more like a large hunk of Iron.
By Anonymous
guts approves :'(
By Anonymous
Best comment ever
By Anonymous
Ever seen the fume ultra greatsword? 0.0
By Anonymous
anyone know?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
They fixed the blade's cracks, but the golfclap is gone, which makes me a bit sad..
By Anonymous
A gift from one who fought the Darkness with nothing more than his own strength and prevailed. However those who stare into the Abyss are forever tainted by it. Be warned taking up this blade carries a cost heavier than its weight.
By Anonymous
i like it its great
By Anonymous
Ultra great* ;P
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