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I think I'll go with the Sovereignless Soul mostly for the story implications. To me it gives the idea that maybe my character once had a lover. Plus always good to have souls right?



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its either the soul or the gem depending on the amount of souls i might go for the soul

can somebody tell me how much it gives you


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(OP made an account: ME)
Yea I can see why since those black oily-like enemies that transform from others are weak against fire. And I imagine you'll come across plenty of those. Wonder how many bosses will be affected by it. I only know of the first boss you fight before reaching Firelink Shrine. They'll probably be hidden among the lil guys too after what I saw from the PvE and PvP test. Just ready to ambush and kill as all.



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I like the idea of the White Branch, loved hiding during invasions and popping out for maximum scare factor :) Or the coin, no starting gifts are particularly exciting so it doesn't matter much. Just can't wait to make my character and start playing!
I think it means the person who was buried next to you. However I also thought it meant your lovers soul.
Rusted gold coin gimme all the loots



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Rusted Gold Coin. It sounds like high item discovery makes a world of difference in this game, I'm also going to level up luck :D



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If the soul gave an enormous amount of souls, then, yeah, but for me the obvious gift is the fire gem.
fire gem hope



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The fire gem is tempting though!
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I've changed my mind. The sovereignless soul giving 2000 souls could be at least two free levels near the beginning of the game.
No m8 go with young white branch
I'm probably going fire gem, coins or the soul. I saw in vaati's video that you can get a lot of cool things in lothric with the coins so it could be worth it
Life ring! Those few extra hps are critical early on. All the gifts seem pretty cool though.
is the upgrade path like demon's souls or is it casual like Dark souls 2?



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By casual you mean doesn't require a PhD and isn't hidden behind a wall of trial and error? Then i'll happily take my casual upgrades from DS2 and BB, thanks.
This gift is always the one that stands out and seems good as it's not a consumable but it's probably the worst. Obviously all gifts are good in some way even not taking a gift can be good.
My consumables tend to get wasted at the worst possible moment lol.
How is not taking one good?
Ring of life that increases hp and doesnt take up any space because you dont get any more rings at least until after getting to the shrine for the first time...and youre saying that taking nothing is good? Dont be f**cking stupid.
Betting right now it can be crafted into something later
the one who slept beside me i assume they did it out of loyalty love or hate
but they were obsessed with me right
I'm not so heartless to ignore the feelings of those around me
weather they be Positive or Negative
So you're saying that you won't ignore the affection a non-existent fictional and unknown character and get 2000 soils rather than an upgrade for your weapon or more health? I've lost faith in humanity
Unlike Dark Souls one you get a ring to talk to the spider lady. Something related to the story.
Although you may be right, the ring was still obtainable from snuggly the crow.
with the soul (obviously imma choose that) maybe you were fighting in a war/battle and you and your partner were great friends and partners in the battlefeild but when you and your partner died they probobly wanted to both be buried together so that they can never be apart from eachother.
stupid theory m8
Is it a one time consumable?? Or rechargable or waht???
guys i think i am taking sovereign soul to unlock more plot. it says someone who slept beside you, meaning that it is unique and it might be sensed by some NPC later for plot! :D
probably no luck
it's just there to give you more souls
maybe it's someone who died and was put beside you?
You couldnt have been more wrong.
you my good sir/madame.....are a complete idiot. someone who slept beside you....of course theres no way this has anything to do with the fact that you wake up in a grave. surrounded by other graves...your character is undead and feeds on souls of you technically are just stealing the soul of the dead bloke next to you