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My man is dreaming of the Crown of the Sunken King dlc
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Okay I might sound like a salty player because I am f*** this boss no seriously f*** this boss and it's entirety cuz once you finish it you're probably out of Estes both healing and mana you ran out of all of your buffs and you're probably on low as health as soon as you finish the fight you get drafted into another fight with the primordial dancer which she'll kick your *** from where he left off and don't get me started on his f****** arrow barrage that s*** is bull cuz once you escape it like get a running Head start it will fastly catch up to you in a moment's notice you can't block it you can't Dodge it all you have to do is keep on running and hope you don't get hit with a fireball to the face while you're running away from raining arrows
By Anonymous
You wont get immediatly teleported to dancer after you kill aldrich, you will first get teleported when you kill 3 lord of cinders not specifically aldrich
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just homeward bone out
By Anonymous
While Aldrich was sleeping in his coffin, pontiff called him by phone, he said ''Aldrich! wake up! I have gotten the best kind of food for you, which so many human dregs it collapses on itself!'' Aldrich thought he would finally get food he deserves, so he made his way from the cathedral of the deep, through the road of sacrifices monching on a few crabs as journey snack, went through the farron keep while constantly being annoyed by ghrus and big ghrus, crashed through the abyss watchers breaking a wall and heading straight into the catacombs, collapsed the hanging bridge, falling into the smouldering lake, was shot by a ballista, climbed up to the ballista and killed the giants, used most of his strength to break down rocks in the smouldering lake, finally, he saw irithyll. He climbed up the rotating tower, he saw the pontiff and sulyvahn told him to come to the cathedral of anor londo, and said ''I am sure you are excited for your best meal!'' Aldrich, happily followed him. When they reached ornstein and smough's room, sulyvahn threw aldrich right into ill gwyndolin, and forced him to eat him, or else he would ram his profaned greatsword up his slimy arse. Aldrich was unhappy he had to possibly eat the worst kind of meal he could even think of, and was sad he didnt get his promised human dregged meal.
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Under Lore Theories: "Pontiff Sulyvahn says in his dialogue that he imprisoned a God of the old royalty, Gwyndolin, son of Lord Gwyn (the old royal)."

Uhhhh Pontiff Sulyvahn doesn't have dialogue...
By Anonymous
it just says that on pontiff's soul item.
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Nigga need a help cutting the log
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Casul Aldrich uses spear. I wrecked him with my PKCS. Guy sux super weak
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Is it just me or is the Gwyndolin part of Aldrich wearing the Crown of the Darksun backwards?
It looks like a different crown but i think its the same head piece just weathered and backwards on his head.....
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I'm pretty sure Smough isn't Aldrich. Aldrich was in the comics twice. Once as a guide and then again in a prison cell eating a corpse, neither time did he look anywhere near big enough to wear Smough's armor
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are the comics canon though? did miyazaki control what and what doesnt go in them? i think if they were canon people would cite them for lore and theories and such.
By Anonymous
comics aren't canon
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Couldn't it simply be that Aldirch devoured Smough, as the set describes Smough as "the last knight to defend the cathedral [...]", and when he (Aldrich) rose again and made his way to Anor Londo he first devoured Smough, then Gwyndolin and at some point Priscilla?
By Anonymous
ahh yes! I remember when Smough founded a church, ate a bunch of kids, became a lord of cinder, came back alive, went from his church back to anor londo, found Gwnydolin sick and just ate him! This lore really is convoluted.
By Anonymous
That pyromancy tactic is cringe.
By Anonymous
Why do the arrows need to go on for so long though, this guy is just a pain
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