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man they really uped his title...
Saint of the Depths? That thing is a saint? So this octopus thing crawled out of a hole and chose to sacrifice itself to keep the fires burning? I can't imagine that...


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He was locked up and forced to become a Lord of Cinder, as far as I know.
Anyone notice how his name is Aldrich and that in Bloodborne church members were looking for the Eldrich truth? I just think that they sound the same.
"eldritch" means sinister, otherworldly and/or beyond our comprehension; it's use in bloodborne is a sign of lovecraft's strong influence on the game, as the "eldritch truth" in books like call of cthulhu and at the mountains of madness is the truth of the old ones, that is way beyond the capacity of the human mind and will usually drive one mad, or simply kill whoever uncovers it.

"aldrich" is a pretty common name of european origin
Aldrich is an old name, sometimes a surname. There was a Saint Aldric in the frankish empire. Eldritch just means otherworldly or eerie.
but doesn't that look like gwyndolin?
dark souls 1 look gwyndolin is boss
I know im not the only one!!
He is a combination of Gwyndolin and Nito. A few fused bosses in this game
It IS Gwyndolin, Aldrich consumed Gwyndolin. So he's one of the few 'chosen undead' to kill the old 'gods'
if i'm honest, i do not think nito is a part of aldrich since he was a main boss of dark souls meaning by aldrich's time he would of been defeated already while gwyndolin and priscilla were optional and, by looking at aldrich, canonly alive when the chosen undead linked the fire but i can be wrong and will accept that if i am
Also, on an unrelated topic, by reading the descriptions of items and such belonging to aldrich it seems that aldrich was the more evil lord of cinder that we know of
His theme is a remix of Gwyndolin's.
His theme music is a remix of Moonlight Butterfly's.
So, its Gwyndolin, fighting with Nito's magic, in Ornstein & Smough's boss room.

Sure, why not.
Yeah, but doesn't smough and ornstein's room seem kind of smaller than before?
Multiple different creatures were absorbed by this monstrosity. I believe Aldritch may have been what Lords were so desperate to escape in Dark Souls 1.

Aldrich is a black mass of sludge and corpses. Most notable of Aldritch's victims is the past leader of Darkmoon's: Gwyndolin. Inheriting Gwyndolin's bowmanship and magical abilities. Aldritch also seems to have eaten Nito. Aldritch uses Nito's cloack and sword in his attacks. Third person is depatable: Aldritch may have eaten Nashandra as he uses a scythe. Or Pricilla.

But Pricilla is also seen fine and dandy in the game, leading the Darkmoon Covenant. Because Pricilla seems to be fine in the game it is safe to assume that Boreal Valley and Anor Londo by the stretch were all Painted World of Ariamis in the end. Or in this case, the other way around.
Hold up, Pricilla is doing WHAT?!
She's alive!?
(And that is Lifehunt that the sludge monster is swinging around. You can tell because the Scythe of Want has the back of its blade tapper to a point, whereas Lifehunt has a blunt, wedge like shape, which is what Cadaveriffic Al is using.)

But seriously, Pricilla is in this? And not just as a cameo, she actually does stuff?
@ Dark Souls II Is not non-canon, actually. There are a few nods to it here and there throughout Dark Souls III.
From soul of Aldrich you can craft Darkmoon Bow, as he did devour Gwyndolin. But you cannot craft Lifehunt Scythe, that of Priscilla's, only a replica via spell. Tis 'cause Aldrich saw Priscilla through Gwyndolin's memories, hiding, but not much else. Thus we can only make a spell.
Considering Lifehunt Scythe is a miracle he created by dreaming while devouring gwyndolin, it might just be his resemblance to Nito is created in a similar manner. Dreaming about Nito and channeling it into himself.
Dark souls 2 are non-canon bro!!
Going by the item descriptions related to Aldrich, he is essentially the [i]Dark Souls[/i] version of a Great One. His element is the deep sea, and he literally dreams things into existence, which are twisted representations taken from the memories of his devoured victims. Which means Yoshka is technically Priscilla, but a version of Priscilla he dreamed up. Oh, and his disciples are drinking his blood and turning into beasts. The whole Boreal Valley part of the game is essentially one big [i]Bloodborne[/i] shout-out.
I also wonder if he actually devoured Nito. Resemblance is in no question, but there was no mentioning of that anywhere. You can assume that from his name - "GodS" - but it may as well be another case of Lost in Translation. You can't even craft Nito's Sword from the Soul. And even sword Aldrich used was spectral. Could it be that Aldrich did not devour Nito and instead Nito reborn?
dafuq did i just read
Yorshka's Chime : Given to her by his brother, the former leader of Darkmoon (Gwyndolin), as well as another gift : her name. I think it implied that she have another name
I think that thing might be the chosen undead from dark souls 1 hence the saint tittle and that might explain the heap of dead bosses on him but anyone who can debunk my theory is more than welcome too
It's not, the Chosen Undead is the Soul of Cinder
There's no real 'Chosen Undead'. It was just a myth made up to fool someone into following Gwyn's plan to link the flame and extend the age of the lords and become ***** her/himself.

But I get your point, it's one of many player characters from Dark Souls 1. Aldritch is one, Incarnation of Kings has many such player character's souls manipulated by the first flame, along with Gwyn's soul too. Because if the flame can conjure up a lord soul which made a random hollow character from Dark Souls 1's intro Gwyn, then very well it can do it again


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Well all the 5 main "bosses/souls" are old lords of cinder who have all linked the fire so it definitely make sense if Aldrich was in fact the player character from ds1
That would be cool to see if that's the case


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Fairly easy boss, just make sure to run when she/he starts to prepare a rain of arrows attack and run/jump for your life as she starts aiming upwards. I found it easier to avoid damage if i focused on the tail/slime part since her melee attacks come from her main body.

For gear I recommend all out magic resistance(Her fire damage is minimal)
This boss would be so easy if not for the *****ing arrowstorm in phase 2 , thing killed me everytime!