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By Anonymous
definitley one of my favorite all-around greatswords with its decent scaling and versitility, not to mention you can suicide for it very early on
By Anonymous
Definitely the main weapon I'll be using for my first playthrough. I've done a claymore first playthrough for each game, can't end it now.
By Anonymous
Found it last night, rest assured this is a very strong and versatile weapon. Fantastic moveset, range and the ability to stagger Red Knights easily makes this one a winner.
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By ManatuBear
PLEASE do not add your scaling to the tables, add only the base damage. When the game shows something like xxx + xxx in the equip menu, only the first numbers are the base damage, the second set of numbers (after the +) are the bonus scaling your character gets from his stats.
By Anonymous
anyone knows the refined scaling? Should I refine it or make it sharp/heavy?
By Anonymous
Right now I have 40 str and 33 dex. Refined +10 does 225+219, heavy is 231+145, sharp is 231+202. Looks like heavy really sucks because it completely removes skill scaling. So go with refined, unless you have almost no str then do sharp.
By Anonymous
So according to the table above, regular +2 is D str and C dex, and then regular +3 is D str D dex? So by upgrading from +2 to +3 it LOSES a rank in dex scaling? Obviously this is wrong, are there any resources out there with accurate information on the scaling of this weapon? I'm intending my first playthrough to be with a strength-based character and I wanna know if it's worth upgrading this weapon or if it'll only gain dexterity scaling and thus be better suited to a quality build closer to endgame.
By Anonymous
like you assumed regular +2 is still D/D, I think it's a mistake in the wiki. This is the afaik the best resource right know as the game just released. I'm leveling it right now and have it +5 with still D/D but I refined it and it made it C/C. I'm hoping that it will reach B/B by +10 just like the longsword but who knows
By Anonymous
Idk what it is, but the Claymore seems to have been nerfed quite hard this go round. It does as much damage as a same leveled Uchi with 20/20 str and dex. Be ready to be disappointed as the Claymore is no longer king.
By Anonymous
I agree, I'm disappointed with it. Moveset is still good; it's handy to have both a horizontal slash and a thrust while using a shield. But the damage leaves a lot to be desired. It also doesn't seem to stagger enemies as well as it once did.
By Anonymous
i agree too it suck
By Anonymous
true story, the damage is really weak these days...but i think that depends on the fact of this nice moveset - compared to other swords at early game stages! i still like it just because of its moveset :)
By Anonymous
I've looked everywhere for this item on the High Wall... there are two levels where the dragon rests. His body is up on the higher level and his head rests on the lower level. It says in the "far left corner from the stairs", but there are several staircases. I've went to every one of them and looked in the "far left corner" but there are no items anywhere to be found. Does the dragon need to be woken up first? I found an item where you jump down on the ledge and then walk back inside, but it wasn't a weapon. I've even checked the third level, up above the dragon, but still no item.
By Anonymous
Hopefully you've found it by now, but anyone else in the same position - there's the dead dragon which is not guarding the claymore and then there's the angry, fire-breathing, live one a bit further on. He's guarding it - it's by the wall that's facing the dragon.
By Anonymous
Well I'm guessing there is a chance to get it. I got Gold Pine Resin however. There are no other items anywhere near the dragon, or even a decent distance from the dragon. Searched literally everywhere.
By Anonymous
That dragons dead homie. Keep exploring and you'll eventually run up some stairs and into a live one who immediately breathes fire at you. But u can tank the fire unlike in ds1 at low level
By Anonymous
From what I can tell, it's only the level where the live dragon is sitting.
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