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Right now I have 40 str 40 dex. Refined+10 is 225+236 C C. Heavy is 231+145 B -. Sharp is 231+221 D B.
Heavy seems to be a really bad option because it completely removes the skill scaling.
A build with low str and high skill might be the way to go for this weapon if you're trying to stay at a low level for pvp.


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The claymore get a little up to day, more base damage, sharp and heavy still realy good before 40/40
211 + 211 making it 422 ATK? Is it a good thing even if it lose its scalling bonus?
or im wrong? before patch it was my second best weapon and now its first on the list...
So it seems
yes I noticed mine at +3 does 179 base and 162 is listed here. I think all the greatswords got a buff
Considering doing a full faith/life regen build with this.

Want to infuse it with lightning for A scaling and buff with Blessed Weapon. Will use a Blessed infused knight shield + Sun princess ring + resplendence for the life/sec.
You can't buff infused weapons.
No, you can't. Elemental infused weapons (fire, lightning) can not buffed, but materiel infused (sharp, heavy) can be buffed!
Yes you can, I buff my infused cathedral knight greatsword with fire.
Best sword ever!
Question: i upgrade regular +10 and after i'll upgrade with an correct this process?
However i would caution against infusing a weapon with a low upgrade level with fire as it will effect the scaling as well as split the damage calculatiojs oj defenses making yhe weapoj effectively weaker
Infuse it as soon as you find something you like. Infusion wont effect your upgrades, so you should infuse as soon as possible


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Its NOT TRUE, guys... 211 + 211 fire +10.
I thought that Claymore Fire +10 is better than Flamberg Fire +10
But they are identical (((


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188 + 188 is true
509 Attack Rating on Refined Claymore+10 (C/C) and 40/40

Hits like a truck on PVP
Also, 2H R1 seems to have hyper armour in the mid/latest frames, can't be interrupted.
No comments on one of the most versatile weapons in the entire franchise? Sad.
With 40 STR/40 DEX, it has as 509 AR with refined
THANK YOU, just the information I came here for.
With 40 STR/40 DEX, a refined Claymore has 509 AR.