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Getting Lorretta's Bone should be in the list, I believe.
Why mention saving Greirat If you dont mention how to save him later in progression I think it would be great information to include
Go to Greirat's Wiki. There it tells you everything you need to do to save him.
Still don't understand why Nameless King is so far in game progress LOL You can literally go to Archdragon Peak being in Irithyll Dungeons and fight him.
You could say the same for fighting Dancer of the Boreal Valley before Vordt. In both cases, you would get a hard time if you go too early.
You forgot that you have to reach Oceiros to get the Path of the dragon gesture. Then you can go to Archdragon Peak...
your wrong - once your in ng+ u already have it :P


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Why are optional bosses under required steps if they'er optional?
Because the whole area is optional. Obviously it's a required step to kill the boss if you are completing an optional area
on the second world map, there should be a blacksmith coal at irithyll dungeon
Can anyone add the dlc's to this list?
Why don't you?
Required step:
Curse-rotted Greatwood (optional boss)

ok den
Optional for completing the game. Drops an item that you will almost certainly use repeatedly, however.
A question that might interest a few players besides me is:
Can I obtain all rings, if I start looking for them from NG+ and above?
I know certain rings are have a specific location in NG and the same improved version somewhere else, but my question is if I can find a ring, that is found in NG, in NG+, too?

Let's take the Ring of Favor as an example.
The standard version can be found by defeating Sulyvhan's Beasts near Archdeacon McDonnell on NG.
The +1 version in the room of Pontiff Sulyvahn's Bonfire on NG+.
and the +2 version in the Cathedral of the Deep on NG++.

So basically: Can I find all three versions, if I missed to collect them on the "usual" NG-level at once? Like if I play NG++ and I neither have the standard, the +1 nor the +2 version of the ring, that I can still get all three of them?

Same question goes for sorceries, miralces, gestures etc.
I'd like to collect everything on one character instead of having to create multiple ones.

P.S: I know there's a +3 version of the ring, I just thought that would be enough examples.



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Higher NGs only add things to pick up and don't remove anything. For example if you missed something in NG you can pick it up in NG+ or even in NG++ and higher.
Road of Sacrifices need too add braill dive tomb of carin under the bridge before gates to bomfire Halfway fortres guarded by 2 dogs
I don't think the path from High Wall to Undead Settlement is walkable
No but the gargoyles carry you directly to it without warping
Oh really? Hold my Estus and watch this*****.