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Cemetry of ash
High wall of lothric
Undead settlement
Road of sacrifices
Farron keep
Cathedral of the deep
Catacombs of carthus
Irithyill of the boreal valley
Irithyill Dungeon
Undead Graves
Kilm of the first sign


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Leonard moved from Firelink Shrine after I killed the Curse-rotted Greatwood. Can't find him now and I need the dungeon cell key. Thoughts?



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he seems to only appear when you do something to trigger an update to his dialogue.
he shows up early to give 5 cracked red eye orbs, then vanishes. then he comes back if you obtained the 5 cracked orbs after you kill curse-rotten greatwood to give you the key.
He's most likely at the covenant location in Cathedral Of The Deep. To progress his questline you have to go and find it to join Rosaria's Fingers


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I believe that he will re-appear once you have acquired a pale tongue, from either invading via a cracked eye orb and killing the host or by just finding one.
The katana NPC is in firelink not the cemetery
wouldnt say that, firelink is the inside of the buidling, cemetery of ash is the areas around it
It is the 4th rightful separated ending. I attacked her when i had a moment and did not got The End of Fire achievement. So my wild guess, it is not The End of Fire ending.
Can you guys put in when to send greirat off on his expeditions?
Sent him of anytime he ask you but remember to alway save Onion bro first and never tell Patches his location because somewhere along the line Siegward will save him if you give onion his armour in the well.
I can't progress to the last area? speaking to the firekeeper does nothing
You need to go place the lord cinders on their thrones around Firelink Shrine. Once you've done that, use the bonfire.
you have to place the last cinders on the topmost throne, but you have to do it from below the throne, not in front of it.
Omg Thank you so much! I've been standing next to the throne this whole time wondering where the hell my prompt was <3
20 areas from 34? I hope they're just bigger than those in DS2....
bigger and immensely more impressive in design than dark souls 2 which was extremely linear and a let down to the level design of the whole series, despite having more areas, the areas were dull with little complexity
Dark Souls 2 was quantity over quality. I feel this one could have used another 3 pre-dlc zones. Even with DLC I think this one will feel kinda short in comparison to the others. I do really like it though.
Much bigger.
You can actually go to Lothric Castle way earlier in the game by killing the old lady which makes the dancer spawn
DkS3 level design might be (way) better than DkS2, but you can't say that he is less linear. In DkS2, you can choose 3 path from the begining, (Heide, Giant forest and gulch), and you have a certain choice for killing the bosses in the order you want. Whereas in DkS3, you need to follow a certain path with small digression. Putting secrets areas appart (wich bring the same choices in both games), I only see the choice of doing cathedral or abyss watchers first....

DkS3 is for me the best game of the serie so far, but it is fair to admit DkS2 offer the biggest liberty of all the games, with Demon's Souls
Whoa, whoa. Dark Souls 2 did NOT have the most liberty. That's CLEARLY Dark Souls 1. Go back and look at what you can actually do in that game, you can go practically anywhere, or nowhere, before going to Sen's Fortress, and then after that it opens right back up again with the Painted World, Gwyndolin, O&S, and then the Lordvessel-locked areas and the DLC. DS1 gives you tons of options right from the start.
10 bosses are "dude in armor" variation. very very disappointing. less inclined to carry on now
Those are my SO's least favorite types of bosses. He's not going to like this one.
people had the same complaint about DS2, which was valid. But then we got Bloodborne where the design of every single enemy was unique. humanoid bosses has always been a part of ds so I don't know what you're expecting.
Seriously. It's worth it. The dude in armor bosses are the best in the series anyway.
then I guess you expected DeS
The dudes in armor are great. Get over the fact that they're humanoid and actually enjoy the fights. Do you get bored watching Game of Thrones on the basis that all the major characters are humans? No, because that's a dumb objection.
Demon Souls had some human bosses. King Allant,Maiden Astrea, Tower Knight, Penetrator, Old Hero, Adjucator (except he was a little deformed), Old Monk,