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By Anonymous
Died like a man with a promisse fulfilled. Best bro after Solaire
By Anonymous
Even if you don't kill Yorm, if you enter the boss arena and grab the sword there before releasing Sieg from the prison, he will not appear in the boss fight and will be gone from the the cell.
By Anonymous
This is not true. I grabbed the Storm Ruler then freed Siegward (tho I had to toast him in the kitchen first, I did everything out of order) and he fought alongside me at Yhorm.
By Anonymous
To all who murdered this pure, shining ray of light that is Siegward, I challenge you to a duel in his name!

He was a true friend…

By Anonymous
This guide is missing important info. Sieg got cornered and DIED in my game before defeating the Boss and guess what? When you kill the boss you're instantly teleported out to another location! I didn't pick the item Sieg droped!! Why NO warning of the teleport???
By Anonymous
To not get teleported don't kill Aldrich then when you kill Yhorm you won't get teleported instead you get teleported in Aldrich
By Anonymous
grab a drink fellow ashen ones. Sigwards throwing a Christmas party
By Anonymous
I have a question. So between ds1 and ds2 passed thousands of years and immesurable amount of kindoms rose and fell, so many that noone even remembers their name except dranglic and after that also some time passed between ds2 and ds3 and we still have Catarina knights there. So Catarina kingdom was fine and dandy for all those years? That is some chad level, cuz everyone even forgot anor londo, lordran, dranglic, but Onion dudes still roam the earth
Or are you gonna tell me that ds2 is non canon?
By Anonymous
if i had to say, ds2 occurs in a sort of "alternate reality", so maybe it's not so long of a time as it would seem like
By Anonymous
Seems to me that some far away lands are less effected by the curses that Lordran, Drangleic and Lothric suffer. These 3 locations seem to always be connected to the abyss, so it's fair to speculate other places may not be, or at least not as strongly.
By Anonymous
Can i still do patches questline without buying onion bro armor?
By Anonymous
I mean siegward questline when doing patches questline
By Anonymous
Yes and No
On NG you have to buy the armour or kill patches when he���s disguised as Onion bro, but on NG+ if you still have his armour when you start the NG+ you can throw down his armour from the last game without talking to patches.
By Anonymous
There is a typo
"Note: If you did not speak with Siegward in the well outside the Cleansing Chapel you can still have this meeting with him even if you went to Irithyll Dungeon. Simply go talk to him in the well and give him his armor and >>>immeidately<<< after he can be found by the fireplace."
By Anonymous
Could be Siegward that leaves all the estus pots around? (I.e. undead settlement, where you indeed find the sunlight covenant or in the Farron swamp). Also, have somebody tried to toast with exact synchro with Siegward? I did the first time after the undead settlement demon fight, he cured me like in the Irithyll kitchen. Did anyone tried?
By Anonymous
I did, I heard and saw what looked like the healing animation but did not notice if it did anything
By Anonymous
Это же богдан. Вот почему папич так боялся его.
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