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i couldnt kill the pot enemies so i had to flee to siegward, but they attacked him and made him hostile to me, so i had to kill the only true friend i had. i'm sorry siegward.
That's how I ended killing Anri near the bridge in the catacumbs. plus
aaah, of course. The blue doors had to be opened. Why didn't I think of that?
You mean you didn't think to backtrack and check an inconsequential setpiece in an area you never have to pass through after you've unlocked the first shortcut to the main bonfire in the area, after reaching the literal end of the level? GiT gUd
I've played through this game at least 10 times since its release and only yesterday I realised the doors was the trigger to this event. Obvious when you think about it.... how else are you supposed to fall naked into a well, unless you open some insignificant doors in a far off location...
I'm so mad I killed yhorm and then saved seigward. Robbing myself of that cutscene.
I did that too, but then I randomly went for a coop and placed a sign, and got to see the cutscene in someone else's world! Lucky me!
I once sat in the cell with my SL1 before killing Siegward in there knowing my one bro’s true duty was to defeat every boss alone
he isnt dead he will go hollow like in every game
Unkindled die when they fulfill their purpose. Siegwards purpose was to follow up on his "grave promise" and kill Yhorm, which is why he dies after the death of Yhorm.
anri went hollow after completing her task too iirc?
Long may The sunshine
combat info please
I like how even if you angle the camera while he is sitting on the tower before the fire demon, you can see through the small gap in his helmet....and see Patches head.