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does anyone know where the key to his cell is, because I can't find it
He didn't show up at the well in my game until I sent the thief out for the first time. I looked for him and patches for ages with no luck finding either. I was going to fight the boss of the area, but decided to see if sending the thief away would make a difference and it worked.
Finally, a happy ending for a Catarinan knight. Long may the sun shine!!!
Check this guide.

You have to open the shortcuts (blue large doors) and maybe light all bonfires in the area.
This worked for me and i have tried it several times (ng+5).
U dont need to kill the boss in this area, just open the shortcut and reload.
The cinematic doesn't trigger.. He's not joining me.. Do I have to wait by the fog gate or do I have tosummon him?
I have the same problem.
I thought he died in DS1. Did he came back hollow?


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SiegWARD, not SiegMEYER.
is not in the well, but why
I saved him from the cell but he when i went through the fog gate with a friend there was no cutscene and Siegward wasn't there. However when i went to Firelink and back to the boss bonfire there was a second Stormruler near the fog gate. So does having a summon mean that Siegmeyer doesn't help during the fight and you won't get his set?
Same glitch happened to me! Siegward didn't show up for me during the boss fight and now I only have a second storm ruler. Happened on PS4. The only thing I did differently was that I never saw him in the sewers area. But I saved him from the prison cell and got the slab, and now it's glitched out.

This happen to anyone else?
someone has changed his name on this wiki!