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Man he's badass


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They sound like reminiscent cleric beast cry
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Oroboro just killed a Black Knight on one of his DS3 streams. They are confirmed


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won't it be better and clearer to put different enemies into their locations?

i watched peeves stream yesterday and started to write down some infos.... so i dont need to say there are some SPOILERS AHEAD:
and if someone want to make a placeholder/maker here are some enemies i named for myself and maybe delete this comment if the info is wrote on the correct sites. im not sure yet how to create a good page.

Profand Capital:
gargoyle (2 versions, torch and lance, 2500 souls)
white priestess (850 souls)
mimics (2000 souls, rosted coin, Greatshield of Glory)
Boss: Yhorn the giant

in Irithyll of Boreal Valley:
behind a hidden door
Giant Croco Rats (12000 souls, Ring of Favor) -> a bonfire spawns after these 2 are killed (Water Reserve)

and last but not least:
Anor Londo
Silver Knight (2 versions: spear, sword)
red eyed silver knight (4000 souls)
6-leg-beast (2500 souls, Aldrich's Ruby (its a ring))
fatty priest (1000 souls)
slime (80 souls - highly resistent against normal dmg - like in DS1)
Saw where the info was moved finish there and it will be used well good job
what minibosses?


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hey guys,
because the list of enemies is so long i decided to make 1 extra page where i will put down all informations i can get so far. i will call it OVERVIEW and will place it here between my enemy-list and the bosses. i come to this point because i realized that it would be a pain to rename all the different sites and change their layouts and so on.
so i will put now everything on one page and another guy can put the informations on better layouted pages later who have a better ideas of how this sitecreation tool here works.

have fun guys


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it's nice that you (who ever) changed the layout of this side a bit, but deleting the link to my monsterlist was ***** stupid, but hey do your extra work! i'm done with that *****wiki!
Infinite salt, bruh. Git gud at page management first.
He Drops littleTitanite shards his armor his Sword lothric knight crossbow his shield and eberbach for now
i feel it my duty to say that the giant crystal lizards are utterly destroyed by high damage short range strength weapons especially ones with war cry weapon arts like the greataxe