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By Anonymous
I believe a greatknife is what we in the business refer to as a sword
By Anonymous
Who are you, so wise in the ways of science
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
i'm a casual in my first playthrough, i still can't get past Dancer even tho i'm at Anor Londo already, but the WA of this weapon is so good for pvp omg, i killed a couple of invaders already, and there was this one dude with top tier gear, i could still score the win with just this dagger's WA and full master's set armour. I loved it, thanks Miyazaki for this dagger's WA :)
By Anonymous
And then Anor Londo clapped.
By Anonymous
Miyazaki knew back in 2016 that tryhards are gonna use it in 2021 pvp, so he based the weapon's description on these players.
By Anonymous
My brain's bitrate is too low to deal with dagger crowboi reeing mother****ers
By Anonymous
so is this thing just not parriable or what? people spam r1 with this and i’ll stand there parrying and just eating damage, it’s so stupid
By Anonymous
you’re supposed to time your parry
By Anonymous
Easiest way to deal with Darkhand/Caestus/Knives/Twinswords/SS's that just spam R1 47 times is to hyperarmor into them with decent poise and a Greatsword (not an Ultra; though these players are normally poor enough that that'll work.) Claymore or Hollowslayer should suffice as a swap. Then you trade 400ish for their 200ish each time (their second swing is interrupted.) If they try to facetank you do it again.

Once they play with other attacks you can go back to parry-baiting and playing the game.
By Anonymous
Good luck parrying the unparryable WA lmao
By Anonymous
I got invaded by someone using a poison infused corvian greatknife and oh man it is great, but absolutely annoying if you don't know how to deal with it lol. The WA is pretty great at roll catching and on top of him applying the fire resin (the fast ver.), he absolutely bodied me. Needless to say, I need to git gud lol
By GreySkale45
Applying fire bundles to a poison infused weapon is impossible. Odds are, they started with Rotten resin and then used fire once they were engaged enough.
By Anonymous
You have to be a bloody amateur if poison is a problem or stress factor for you. This is weak as heck DS 1/3 poison, not the OP stuff from DS 2. X3
By Anonymous
Break someone's tears or get them close to it and swap to this, especially after a crit.. aside from a pot parry(don't underestimate it) they're almost always screwed...
By Anonymous
Tf infusion do you even put on this? Seems like it has bad scaling regardless
By Anonymous
Raw. It’s only good if you’re doing a caster build and your str/dex are trash.
By Anonymous
Hollow infusion will be a good choice
By Anonymous
Dear god why are people so bad at advice. Refined. For some reason it gives the best ar with both quality stats and strength. If you are an eelemental build go for yhe element.
By Anonymous
This is a carbon copy of June 5 2020
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