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By Anonymous
Bro think he sekiro
By Anonymous
what class do i go if i wanna get this as quickly as possible
By Anonymous
My son
By Anonymous
I am god when I parry the early lothric knights
By Anonymous
Having the lowest Strengh req in the game makes this a pretty darn good one-hand option for a pyromancer. Especially if you level Dex for Max cast speed. Which uh, you ought to.
By Anonymous
Fully charged r2 + 2nd uncharged r2 + wa r1 + a little investment in luck = 85% hp gone for the other guy. The charged r2 truecombos with the 2nd and wa r1 is a fantastic rollcatcher.

r1 spammers don't have enough skill to pull off this fatality.
By Anonymous
Definitely the worst iteration of uchi but its still gucci and fun to use.
By Anonymous
this sucks
By Anonymous
i'm afraid not
By Anonymous
You can release lock on with the parry and manual angle the parry into people's attacks. Has been useful against people dead angling.
By Anonymous
ol' reliable
By Anonymous
Idk man. just tried using it, and it's slow af, does average damage and drains a lot of stamina.
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