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By Anonymous
My fav gesture is when you spam the block button, bonus points if you are 2 handing a weapon, especially a staff. :P
By Anonymous
Extra bonus points if you do that with a staff above an estus soup cauldron, dinner time!
By Anonymous
Probably just me but I always make a turkey call when doing the block n' wobble
By Anonymous
Where are the comments
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Point down at me all you like but nothing gets me more than the players who refuse to gesture at all in the arena and just stand there until their opponent finishes gesturing. How insecure do you have to be to act like this? Maybe they find it dumb or even cringe? I don’t know man but even players who try attack you during a gesture don’t phase me as much because you know they’re trying to get people salty even if it’s in a lame lazy way.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
As somebody who doesn't make any gestures at all in duels: Bro, come on, i have no idea how to make a gesture with X Y A B when i have like 104 keys on my keyboard. To show a respect i let them finish the gesture and only after start to fight
By Anonymous
@1 July what about controller users?
By Anonymous
can't relate to people finding "no gesture before the duel" irritating, personally.

in hopes of not coming off as elitist:
I think that's a bit of an "inexperienced" player's mindset.
I was like that when I first started to pvp, bowing before every single duel. but in reality you can commit to that only for so long. too many (unaware?) chuggers, toxic players, players who think it's redundant and a waste of time, etc. so that you'll end up thinking of it as redundant yourself eventually.
this absolutely doesn't apply to gesturing post-duel though. e.g. I'll always bow if I thought the duel was great and I wouldn't have minded a rematch, or curl up if I accidentally killed a player who wanted to stop and I didn't realize they had no ToD or something. what's actually irritating is when you give your all against a person whom you (in worst case) kinda admire and he just points down/throws poop at you
By Anonymous
Whenever I see an enemy or player get backstabbed/riposted I always quickly run over to do the point down gesture. Doesn't matter if you're friend or foe you're gettin pointed at
By Anonymous
Screw them for capitalizing on core game mechanics, amirite? /s
By Anonymous
Woah youre so cool
By Anonymous
Non 2 handed ultra greatsword juggernaut build moment
By Anonymous
if you get riposted i understand it but like... backstabbed can happen on so many moments in this game as for example lag/terrible connection can cause you to teleport backstab would you then still point down at them? for them rolling/looking at the enemy and suddenly turning 180 degree's to then get backstabbed think about that the next time you do it you will start feeling bad.... or you won't and then i say "gg"
By Anonymous
My thanks! should play a screech
By Anonymous
i forgot to talk to yole and now i don't have the beckon gesture. big sad, it's the best one to use against a cowardly gank squad.
By Anonymous
Luckily you can get it again in Ng+ which isn't that hard to get to and Ng+3 is still easy Ng+4 is where it starts getting though with +10 optimised gear (aka gear that does 400 ish damage)
By Anonymous
Elden Ring better have the point down
By Anonymous
Stretch out gesture is OP.

Not even joking, for trolling invasions and invaders this is the best. Hide under water and kill line of sight. Gesture persists until cancelled manually.

When being invaded- pair this with rapport and make the red phantom soil their pants when a Corvian knight or cathedral knight reduces them to dust unexpectedly.
By Anonymous
It’s actually insane how little people remember to spam lock on while searching for a hidden player. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve found very well hidden players just by doing this.
By Anonymous
You can get the toast gesture from lapp
By officegossip
I wish more of the DS2 gestures were in the game. Would allow for so much more communication. But we still have cringey “welcome”.
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By SlaveKnightKos
I agree. What happened to the classic "No no no" and decapitation. Now the only way to express your hate is the point down and dung pies. (quite effective, mind you, but not the same)
By Anonymous
DS3 is too user friendly. The thing about point down is that it was made into a toxic gesture by the community but any previous gestures that were made directly for mockery like DS1 look skyward or several DS2 gestures were left out because DS3s is designed as a nicer game. Sucks tbh.
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