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By Anonymous
So ready for this game. It is the first game I have ever preordered, and I know I'll have fun dying.
By Anonymous
Were dying already lol. Waiting for it...
By Anonymous
I'm not going to lie the hype is almost unbearable
By Anonymous
Same here, even the preorder part applies to me.
By Anonymous
Gestures 20 i see :3 \[T]/
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You character falls to his knees with arms drooped and cries for a few seconds
By Anonymous
Talk to the man in Firelink Shrine who is just sitting up to the left when you enter and you'll get it
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Did you not read the list.
By Anonymous
SPOILERS Oceiros, the Consumed King
By Anonymous
How do you use the gestures?...
By Anonymous
i dont remember quite exactly man but i think you must press r3 and l3 togetherand if its not that you hold select button and the gestures will come out and you will choose which one you want to do
By Anonymous
I received a My Thanks gesture but I have no idea how I got it
By either killing or getting killed by Horace.
By ninjapanda274
Where is the "Well, What is it" gesture, need that when reking scrubs and the new to souls series players.
By Anonymous
I am not sure there are going to be many newbies after the first three areas dude, this game has been said to be as hard as the first. So basically this is where the boys are separated from the men. Like every souls game except 2.
By Anonymous
Welcome gesture is the equivalent
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