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By Anonymous
Really hope daggers return. I don't even care if they aren't viable, I'll still use them >:O
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1234567 what 8?
By Anonymous
Daggers 13 list i know
By Anonymous
No dark silver and gold tracers ='(
By Anonymous
What's the highest dmg dagger at 40 dex sharp?
By Anonymous
I wouldn't recommend infusing daggers. I've found they actually deal less damage in most situations than the base dagger. That being said, it might've been patched since last time I played
By Anonymous
Probably Corvian Great knife. Possibly Mail breaker.
By Anonymous
The regular dagger deals the most dps and has the highest critical. However, damage isn't everything. Corvian Greatknife has more range, better moveset and has an unparryable WA that ignores shields and can be spammed. Murky Hand Scythe and Harpe both can stunlock targets easier.
By Anonymous
Too weak category, dunno why
By Anonymous
They're daggers... They shouldn't be that powerful. Just quick and agile. Which they are
By Anonymous
critical damage not that great. better off using ultragreat(someting).first attack animation equals to rapiers/dark has low damage n range. quick step not viable pvp.
By Anonymous
Quickstep is amazing in PvP. The only issue is the low damage on the weapons that have it.
By Anonymous
Yeah quickstep can be brutal. Just because you don't know how to utilize it doesn't mean it "isn't viable"
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My story so far:Build as of right now: Luck (50) / strenght (20) / Dexterity (20): -I did most of my first playthrought with a bandit dagger +9 infused with a Hollow gem. -Altought I had some great moments playing with the bleeding effect for the first two to three zones, it went quickly harder and harder to progress with it since there is a lot of ambushes that will make it hard to stack the bleeding with dagger on multiple enemies at the same time. Plus the short range of it. -Opting for a poison gem isn't a great idea either since it only does about 3 damage per second (anyway it was the case the last itme I tested it).-Backstabbing doesn't do that much more damage than any conventionnal weapon (ultra great swords asside) which itself doesn't make daggers shine for their critical bonuses like they did in the two first titles.__________I had so much trouble at my current point in the game (the extra zone with Sengoku SS3 dragron's zone) that I considered trying another weapon with a scalling based on luck (Enri's sword) and the result was so much better that I can no longer use my bandit dagger as it does lesser damage (critical included).
By Anonymous
This is not the worst weapon class but is definitely not the best due mainly to the lack of damage. I really hope the next dlc that comes out has a viable dagger.
By Anonymous
Oh... what have you done!?
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By T-Furan
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Daggers at this point are a pure utilitary weapon class: Quickstep for fat-roll instances, Parry for punishing that afterroll attack, etc.It definitely needs a buff of some sort. But what buff exactly then? I personally do not know at all.Daggers are meant to be "critical powerhouse" with their increase in riposte and backstab damage. As a matter of fact, it is on the lower side in comparison to their bigger counterparts. It needs a buff then, right? But what will happen if a dagger gets, say, 170 critical bonus and outdamages everything in that department? Well, it will be a new "meta". If it has Quickstep, newcomers will have really tough times in PvP dealing with many dogged contenders. I would not call that a "balance".Swing speed? Raw damage? FP cost? More Bleed build-up? Unparriable? Everything I can think of will bring said class above Straightswords, making those a controversial choice. Daggers need to be in their own special niche, without being OP. And that is a really tough challenge to overcome. They need to be skill-based weapons relying on, and rewarding, a tactical thought (Mail breaker was named according to its ability to pierce through chainmail and dealing menaceful amount of directly applied damage, but it just penetrates through shields with its Skill). I hope Daggers will one day become much worth experiencing. Fromsoft, please.
By Anonymous
Lower the damage, Energy consumption of a straight sword, but increased stun?They could make daggers the one class that can attack 3 times in a row.