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By Anonymous
went in with sigeward to slay him, picked the storm ruler, opened inventory to equip it, couldnt find the damn thing. got killed and missed sigewards questlines' conclusion.
thank you dark souls
By Anonymous
i like that i came into the room and get swept by a giant *** machete
By Anonymous
FYI the name is censored.
If you name your Character Yhorm others will only see Y**rm.
By Anonymous
And I thought the ladder to Djura in bloodborne was long
By Anonymous
last giant my ***
By Anonymous
need yhorm help for some reason this boss is hard for me
By Anonymous
Just finish Siegward's Questline to be invincible in the fight
By Anonymous
Soul Spear meet Yhorm. Yhorm meet Soul Spear. :)
By Anonymous
sorry yhorm but at least your at peace now and hopefully you will see sigward on the otherside good fight yhorm good fight
By Anonymous
First Time Victory without Storm Rulerr. Was Focusing and fun. I love the Music and like the Boss.^^
By Anonymous
Linking the fire did a number on Yhorm even. Imagine how much Ludleth suffered. Maybe that's why he can't use his legs.
By Anonymous
Ludleth's missing legs are explained in the DLC. You can see him dragging himself away from Gael and leaving a trail of blood. He appears to be the only survivor of a slaughter of his people. Quite sad really. :(
I suppose it explains his will to link the fire though.
By Anonymous
Anon 6 Dec 2021 The guy crawling away is one of the Pygmis, not Ludleth. Ludleth is from Courland not Ringed City.
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