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cant charge the storm ruler due to the tears after learning about Yhorm's lore
On my journey to NG+100, to make the fight interesting I stopped using storm and would only use spells. Much more challenging and fun, but also many times he was the only one that would kill me, reducing the number of no death runs on my journey to ng+100.
Can people stop posting their stupid lore theories on here?
This looks like that one dude from the beserk manga!!! Another one of Miyazaki's references I suppose
I was doing a caestus only run through this game, and held true to that against this big boy, took around 20 minutes but god was it worth it
How the hell was that worth anything?
It was worth it because OP actually got a sense of accomplishment rather than picking up the storm ruler and cheesing him to death
"Yhorm's armor is reminiscent of the armor the Soul of Cinder wears, the chest plate and shoulder piece namely so, while his ." Uhh anybody wanna complete this?
Still can't believe this guy's HP is beat out by defiled watchdog. At least you don't need to kill that thing for the platinum trophy
This is a weird boss when you must use storm rules to defeat. Surprisingly, the skill of the storm rule does not work on others.
i remember the boss being fair and fun, but now he somehow have 10 times the hp he use to have and kill me in 1.5 hits. What happened to this boss ? he is total bs now
NG+8 Siegward died before I could do anything.
That beautiful bastard... May he be the onion even as night calls!