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i personally see this as a hint at possible base enemies that are giants. this could mean they serve him or something else, i dunno but i just see this boss as an opening for something more
That sounds very neat. Maybe in the final release there could be a possible chance of these "enemies" you speculate. dont
You need the Stormruler sword to really fight him.
Im pretty sure that just because one sword is in the game doesn't mean the two are connected, lets remember that the Moonlight Great Sword is in Bloodborne and has been in the Armored Core games.
And also that demon's souls is owned by sony, so it can't be connected.
...Gwyn was a giant.
Any comment saying gwyn isnt a giant is ONE HUNDRED percet incorrect. He was MOSY DEFINITLY a giant
no he wasn't
Perhaps he is GIANT (in the sense of being large), but he isn't a giant in terms of this series. All the giants in the dark souls games are distinguishable by their hollow tree-esque face ( a la Gwyn was just a large person/god.
Gywn was not a giant. He wasn't even that tall. Gywn was a God, one of the original finders of the Lord Souls.
He was a Lord... W/e the **** that can be interpreted as, heh.
Lords/Gods are just taller humanoids, it's inspired by classical Greco-Roman depictions of deities as being larger (so more significant) than their human subjects
And there are also different races of giants, I assume that this guy is descendant of the original giant lord from dks2, as they look similair in both height and appearance.


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I was a bit dissapointed how easy this boss was, even the tactics was easy to figure out as you went along. There is even a red sign on the ground when offline that says that only storms can damage the giant. Oh well, the boreal dancer kicked my *** at least :)
never played demons souls??
dont understand this tactic. how to use this idiot sword?

i killed him with magic, but after 45 min shooting :D :D :D


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When I use Stormcaller, the damage output is weaker than my Longsword +7. Any suggestions?
I was having the same problem, figured it out. You have to hold L2 to charge the weapon art until it glows, then use it
You need to use the weapon skill on it, depending on the controller you use L2/LT then R2/RT
Keep holding charge when you heavy attack.
You need to fully charge it to release the special attack.
same proplem. even with weapon skill no dmg
How to get his armor set?
He doesn't have one
The legend never... dies?
How to get yhorms armor
You can't get his armor :c