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By Anonymous
Hope we get a poise system somewhat similar to dark souls 1. Felt like your hits could be earned without having the automatic 2 hit stun system dark souls 2 had. Do not want to see havel sets doing cartwheels tho!
By Anonymous
I hope the poise is like Demon Souls... Just hyper armor, no normal poise. and the stunlock system should be 2 hits max.
By Anonymous
I believe you're almost spot on. Although I believe DS1 style poise is still there, but very minimally. Everything seems to stagger from even weak hits, unless they're attacking. When you attack you gain a bit of hyper armor. I'm not sure if the attack affects the amount of hyper armor, or your actual poise stat.
By Anonymous
Poise is for Posers.
By Anonymous
Poise is cheap
By Anonymous
No poise = No casuals
By Anonymous
the legend never dies
By Anonymous
Okay so in all seriousness, this is coming from a guy who started with Bloodborne, what even is poise?
By Anonymous
Poise affects how much you stagger from enemy attacks. The more poise you have, the harder it is for the big bad uglies to stagger you. Pretty handy for certain builds.
By Anonymous
Hello my Dark souls fellows.Enjoy the game. No poise is no reason to skip the game.I still enjoy this game. I hope you still find your fun in this game .xD
By Anonymous
Dark Souls III? More like Darkborn II.The legend is dead ;(
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