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By Anonymous
I am planning to rank up all the covenents and gather the items. I think those items are more precious than those transposable souls items. Is there anyone who is doing the same?
By Anonymous
My pal started his “FromSoft” journey on ER then got DS3 so we’re doing co-op rn, always been a PvP fan so I aim to do this too. Might see you in the fray of battle
By Anonymous
I grinded all offline
By Anonymous
Welcome to the Salty Spittoon
By Anonymous
You look so *** teabagging and using gestures when you gank someone. Do that when you actually beat me, not when it took 2 of you and I still gave you heavy damage.
By Anonymous
Who are you talking to?
By Anonymous
Can anyone help me with the covenant items can’t seem to find anyone.
By Anonymous
Which ones?
By Anonymous
I gotchu
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