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dragon join! unlock weapon


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Added the mound-maker covenant from the Vertebra Shackle description, just needs a page link.
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they should totally add the abyss covenant again
Watchdogs of Farron are the abyss watchers covenant. Farron is their patron diety like figure
Will there be a invasion based covenant like the Brotherhood of Blood?
Moundmakers are a covenant focused on pvp and they seem kinda interesting.
Rosaria's Fingers are the red orb invaders
Way of Blue is level:1 , Blue Sentinels is level:2 , Blades of the Darkmoon is level:3
I'm guessing that Darkmoon will punish Red and Purple invaders. Not sure if the Blue's will punish sinners like in DS2 or if Darkmoon will do that like DS1.
no dragon cov? or they're probably keeping it as DLC?
*****ing scamco...
Let's hope so, I wanna be a dragon



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you get dragon stones in the game naturally in the dragon area but there is no covenant
Blades of the Darkmoon *-*
I am looking for the gravelords i hope thet are in the game and i look forword to being one if they are
i was really looking forward to another gravelord or rat king cov. They were so out of the box and perfect for RP
They are not I. The game, cheers to hoping dlc adds them. Not really that covenant was full of jerks and it didn't work properly half the time
well if thay just reworked it like evry other one than it would be fine and there were jerks in evry cov lol blues always breaking up raves or fight clubs reds for being reds loldragons one punch crew
Thanks to whoever is going in and adding covenants, really hope summoning works well