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this weapon against boss is absolutely **** AMAZING. lightning infused scimitar gets S scaling for faith and B for dex, RIP lothric and soul of cinder
According to the upgrade table lighting infused should only give A scaling for faith and C scaling for dex. Does the table need to be updated?
Any of you see those warriors from Hammerfell?...
They have curved swords. Curved. Swords.
They have curved *****es. Curved. *****es!
It's pretty better with dark infusion because AA, but lightning and sharp are overall good options
This thing has the phantom range of a goddamn spear.
This weapon is available right from the start, and a thief can wield one with no investment. A weapon to consider if you select thief, at least for a while.



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This little scaling beast!
Holy***** this weapon is a beast. Now what are the flaws with curved swords? - low to average damage - pathetic range -most of the R2’s can only work as a mediocre mixup every once in a while. -sometimes difficult to exert pressure. Now, what the pros? -really fast -low stamina -consumption -safe on whiff most of the time - absurd punish game - R O L L I S B A D N O W. and that’s all it needs
for my griffith build, this or richards rapier? (I wanna do NOTHING WRONG when making the build)
Scimmy and dark hand -wO
scimitar has nothing in common with Griffith weapon.
Very good with heavy infusion! I'm almost level 70 and can now get vordt down to 50% health in under 5 minutes!
imagine fighting Vordt at Sl70 using Heavy Dex weapon
imagine vordt more than 5 minutes
shoutout to the dudes who didnt understand that this was a joke
you're so good I can even get vordt down to 80% and im sl 324
Put a dark infusion on this beauty and enjoy , also if you have good spacing you can kill pkcs users very ez .
And if both CS users have good spacing, PKCS wins. Dark Scimitar only is relevant when compared to PKCS because it chips through shields.
This is one of the shortest ranged melee weapons in the game. You need impeccable spacing because you have nothing to work with, and even then it'll still lose out to virtually anything else.
My thought exactly. This is my go-to against the pkcs.