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This weapons kick is the best well get to the ninja backflips.
Ends up with s scaling for faith on a lightning infusion
The chaos infusion has A scaling for faith/int at lvl 8 (maybe already 7, didn't pay attention)
still one of my favorite weapons to use, even if the range is a little on the low side
Most People always underestimate weapons like this at later levels... Those same People are fools. Hard to believe, isn't it?
It's not. It's a video game trope that you get better gear later in the game. What people still haven't realized is that Soulsborne treats its equipment differently. All equipment on the same upgrade level are equal and it's about how you use them. Let's say 2 guys fight, one of them has a FUGS, while the other guy has a broken straight sword. Obviously it seems like the FUGS guy will win, but considering his weapon is slower and if he's stupid about timing and spacing, the broken sword guy will have way better chances than people initially assume. This is why i think videos that rank weapons in Soulsborne are pointless. All weapons have their strengths and flaws, some more than others.
Dark infused has A scaling for faith, int and dex.



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If the moveset wasn't*****, the triple-A DEX/INT/FTH scaling when dark infused would be amazing
Curved swords have the most OP move set in the game...
on the contraire it has the fast curved sword moveset and spin weapon art plus quite long range for a small curved sword allowing for very fast attacks and combos along with easy baiting and catching of enemies. this weapons moveset compared to the dog**** moveset of the longer curved swords that can only kick and are only good for r1s aside from pontiff this little curved sword has a moveset better then 90% of most curved swords can say and against a competent player this thing is terrifying for it's speed rivaling daggers and the painting guardians curved sword, not to mention it's great stamina usage :)
Poison Scimitar +3 has a 41 poison build up
Scaling and damage are true if i recall
good if you follow up to a rune 2h for the k0
Table is wrong

My Sharp Scimitar+3 has S scaling
What? Really? Literally no other weapon gets S scaling at that upgrade level... You may be doing something wrong..
i didn't check mine at +3 but at +4 a sharp definitely has S in dex.