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It is also noteworthy that they wield the sword of Artorias and wear uniforms resembling the healers in New Londo who flooded the city of New Londo when they watched it succumb to the Abyss.
nice observation about the greatsword! I told my friends the same theory and they didn't belive me.. :( . Perhaps ds3 is a prequel and Artorias was one of the legion? Blacksmith Andre is another thing that supports this theory. Gough's greatbow was also seen in the gameplay.
No prequel here Anon, the Wolf Knight's armor in-game says that Artorias shared the wolf's blood, and that the Watchdogs were formed after him to take up the torch of fighting the Abyss.
Farron is probably a Celtic name means "adventurous". By the way, the helmet they're using looks similar to Conquistador from 15-17 Century.


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It would be great if they were a ratbro like covenant.
Do you think it could be some kind of Boss fight with actual players becoming Abyss watchers ; covenant's members, requested to fight ?

A new version of the Monk fight of Demon's Souls, in other words ?
The ringed city dlc
orgasmic jubilation
I bet you it is going to be a lot like the four kings boss fight in dark souls 1 where you just have to fight a bunch of them and kill them quickly or you will get overwhelmed. Also noting that they are a throw back to Knight Artorias and the sealers I have a feeling that the will fight much like Artorias in DS1. Good Luck.
how wrong you were..
Exactly lol they are
Actually at first is a free for all brawl until the boss dies, then the fun begins
So I'm not sure when it happened but after I beat the boss, my character's face changed and now even when I'm kindled she has their red eyes and gross face. Can anyone tell me why? Is there a way to change it?
You have to heal your Dark sigils.
You can also see them fighting each other in on of the locations of Dark souls 2