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By Anonymous
+5 Black Knight shield is actually good
By Anonymous
Time to do a shield only run because i hate myself

Tips appreciated
By Anonymous
use siegward’s or the spiked shield for offense
By Anonymous
Spiked shield sucks. You may try heavy infused stone greatshield, it has good AR, stability and defense
By Anonymous
my friendship with shields ended in ds1

in ds3, the roll is my best friend
By Anonymous
Blocking with shields allows you to protect yourself without being forced to reposition via a roll. Beyond that? I dunno how useful these are
By Anonymous
Damn, so many shields, yet I don't use any of them. Praise the Roll!
By Anonymous
Casuals be crying
By Anonymous
**** the meta I'm going to go crack some ribcages with the dragonslayer greatshield WA
By Anonymous
Imagine using shields in a game thats combat is exactly like bloodborne
By Anonymous
Imagine not being an idiot.
By Anonymous
"exactly like bloodborne." you watching bloodborne videos on your iphone 5 at 480p is not the same as playing the game, get a grip since you know nothing.
By Anonymous
Best aspect of shields is the ability to shield poke with spears and thrusting swords imo. Gives them a whole new dimension, not to mention the fact that shield bash is not a bad move for things like a committed Gael or Splitleaf WA punish. The biggest weakness is the stat requirement and weight of greatshields
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