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Darkmoon Blade makes this look like a constellation of stars when attacking.
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The battle has consummated
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how do you sharpen a whip
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Beak a Sharp gem into bits and stick them into the end of the whip.
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This and Witch's Locks are arguably the best weapons in the game. Whip damage looks pathetic on paper, but the reality is everything else. Whips come with the best range, best AREA of attack, wall piercing capabilities, best roll attack punishes, and one of the best weapon arts there is. All at a pathetically small stat investment requirement, with extremely light weight. And the full charge heavy attack does massive amounts of damage, despite the seemingly small AR.

It's a great weapon for PvE, but more importantly it absolutely rocks in PvP and synergizes perfectly with caster builds. Sorcerers can offhand the staff for instant flash sword & farron darts, while main handing the whip, making them completely unpredictable and able to punish the enemy at any range. Witch's Locks obviously synergize with Pyro builds and work great to bait the enemy into a face full of black flame. And in either case you can make very powerful mid SL builds for <30% weight. This way you can ignore about 20-30 SL investment into Vigor and Endurance, because with <30% weight you can outroll anyone regardless of their stamina, and combined with a whip you can outrange and roll attack to win every "trade". Making you the perfect glass cannon that pisses everyone off.

At the same time as you're nearly impossible to catch and can continuously chip away at their health, you still maintain your ability to cast those 900hp+ nukes from range, meaning the enemy is forced to waste estus to keep their health high or risk getting instagibbed.
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It really isn't. You're relying on your opponent chasing you while you roll spam, roll attack, and WA spam. You wanna know what absolutely counters this stupid weapon? Exploding bolt + SS.
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This is word for word my exact caster build and play style, holy ****!
Whip is awesome as a defensive weapon.
Whip is love.
Whip is live.
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Ah, I see you are a man of culture.

Also, exploding bolts + SS counters a lot of things. Even just a light crossbow with normal bolts will do, but you can still destroy them easily as well if they don't know how to deal with you using that load out. All too often, I fight people wearing heavy armor and great weapon, but don't use their poise at all and just roll into me.

Analyzing a build or playstyle in the heat of battle is key, and if you can do that, you can counter anything with anything, really.
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and then you realize your rolling attack is strafable, gg you lost
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"and then you realize your rolling attack is strafable, gg you lost"
Is Farron Flashsword strafable? Is Black Flame traceable? How about Sunlight Spear? His point was right, maybe next time try having some reading comprehension.
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Okay but lightning whip on my 16/40/40/40 pyro is a fun twist
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I don’t know why whips are so uncommon, but this is actually one of the best weapons in the game. No matter how you look at the damage, it will always appear bad. You need to play around the fact that the playstyle this weapon uses is what is going to carry you in PVP. Last year I made a write up about the Drang Twinspears, and there I said there is two different ways to play it, buff build or straight dex. This weapon has the exact same idea going on with it, except I have yet to try making a buff build for this. What you want to do is equip the lightest armor in the game, ragged mask, master’s attire and gloves, and the old loincloth. Next, you put on your Flynn’s Ring to get the most damage. Then you have a sharp infused whip with 80 dex. With these items and stats you reach 419 damage, which is still pathetic looking, and trust me it is. The way you play is a very annoying one, in which you pretty much only use rolling attacks. This attack is weak, but very difficult to avoid, and it comes out pretty much faster than anything else, along with having incredible range at the same time. You will also want to one hand this weapon as the one handed R2 is a very good horizontal sweep attack, as the two handed version is a vertical sweep, which is much less valuable. Do remember that your attacks go through walls, which is best implemented with the R2. Lastly, the weapon art is your most threatening attack. It can trade with all low poise weapons as well, and if you are broken out of your animation, simply start the attack again as it is that fast and you will win the trade. If somebody approaches with a shield, 100% of your damage will ignore their shield. If you use this attack twice in a row on a blocking enemy, chances are it broke their guard. Also, the weapon art has the most disgusting hitbox in the game, as it will hit when you clearly did not hit them. You might want to keep a dagger on standby to go for your ripostes, as this will happen often, but at the same time you will be losing Flynn’s Ring damage. You can also do a very similar build with the Witch’s Locks, but you will do less damage with your rolling attacks and R2s, but your weapon art is buffed as it gets a 120 damage fire increase during the animation. Just make certain you are below 30% weight to get the most out of these weapons. This weapon is really good, probably since so few people know how to play against it, but it is probably the most unfun thing to play against.
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I've been running Hollow Drang Twinspears + Magic Weapon buff and they are uncommon enough that a lot of PVPers seem incredibly uncomfortable dealing with them.
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One of the fastest weapons with good range. I don't rally understand why the whip is so hated. Maybe people just hate on it because they are afraid of being matched against it? Every troll build invader i come across seems confused by whips and just dies.
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The best thing about this weapon is that it can’t be parried. So if you’re sick of parry spammers ruining your day, just use this. Majority of them don’t get you can’t parry whips, so they often try to anyway, thinking they aren’t getting the right timing.
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Some people just don't understand the game. I had some people trying to parry spells with the caestus. *Collapse gesture*
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