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there's a weapon art for that~
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I never knew Emergence was this dank
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Never post again.
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Kill yourself.
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Whip actually looks decently viable this time around, might do my first whip run.
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Do offhand whip can parry?
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It isn't can
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By Matroska
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Is that actually true or is it just flavour text?
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Just refers to the fact that it does slash damage and heavy enemies tend to have high slash resistance. It's not different from any other slash weapon in that respect.
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50 shades of souls
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I can't find anywhere talking about whether or not they can be parried now, I'm just curious.
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ive been using a whip for days and no ones been able to parry it for what thats worth.
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Can anyone with a normal +10 whip tell me if the scaling ends up being "A" Scaling without infusing the whip as a sharp weapon? Thank you!
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You have the remember that the wiki is not totally finished yet because the game has only been out for a week in the U.S. They only included the sharp weapons stats because in their opinion i think if the best route you can take with the whip. I hope i helped you. If i was to do a whip build, include a bow, preferably a short bow for the high damage than the long bow,. If you are not good with parrying, use kirks shield for the shield bash that can stack up bleed and use the notch whip, but do not infuse the whip with bleed, keep the raw damage on it.
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I don't know if I miss something, I just try a run with it and I'm in the beginning of the game (undead settlement), but I just do 1/3 of my damage (~50 damage instead of 162) I know ennemies have some resistances but even on naked zombies in the beginning I barely do 60.
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The whip does more damage if you hit enemies from its max range.
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That is because your damage is being lowered twice - the physical and fire damage are both being lowered by your opponent's defence. That is not to say that split damage is bad in this game, it is actually much better this time around, but it will only shine when both damage types individually are higher than your opponent's respective defense bonuses. Simply put, aim for ~140+ on the physical and secondary damage type, or else you will hit nothing.
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Oh f**k yes
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For some reason, a whip infused with Refined property will be called "Skilled Whip." Also, on a 40/40 str/dex build Sharp and Refined infusion give the same AR.