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modify! weapon fire magic lightning hexes
If there's a Miyazaki...then you bet your *** our beloved bald cleric hating lying spider butt of a hunk will be there.
Oh my god! They're going to bring back the Andre back from Dark Souls 1! Now I'm wondering if they're going to bring back Patches as well. It just isn't a souls game without him.
thank god mmmmm
Maybe they finally implemented his missing content from DS 1 and he is Gwyn's eldest son the semi-mortal god of war
The Nameless King boss seems to be the 'true' eldest son of Gwyn. He is described as a War God whose name was stricken from history after he sympathised with the Dragons of old.
Stop regurgitating very bad Vaati theories.
What about Solaire? there is a lot of evidence to support that he is the true son of Gwyn, turned human because he gave humans the true miracle of the sunlight spear.
Honestly makes the most sense
I liked this theory too but Solaire just seems to be only one of many Sunbros. Or the last of them. He is also missing the spear. And nothing speaks against it that Nameless King was it who gave humans the lightning miracle. To the Drakeblood knights specifically and they indeed use lightning infused weapons. Surely no coincidence and the potencial reason why he was cast out from Anor Londo.
Andre is an illusion put in the firelink shrine(the fake one). Miyazaki played with our feelings. Lel.

The real firelink shrine ( in which the old handmaiden is the real firekeeper ) has no blacksmith and is devoid of npc's except the true firekeeper.
This is reinforced by the fact that if you kill andre, he fades away like ashes.
you got any proof on this, when you kill any NPC don't they all kind of fade away,
The fire keeper that we met isn't fake but who ever created the fake fire link shrine probably wanna trick the Fire keeper since she's blind
these aren't spoilers, just what someone thinks about something you see literally 15 minutes in the game.
This is actually completely wrong.
Watch out for spoilers, man! *****!!!!
Man... Do you know you have written a BIG spoiler of the game? Pay more attention, you jerk! Thats wjy I fckn hate Bandai Namco for liberating the game earlier on some regions and youtubers. Now people who are waiting for 4/12 have to dodge those silly spoilers.
He has a line when given the giants coal about how he misses the big guy.
Amazing Chest Ahead.
I killed him and now I'm *****ed for the whole game and have to restart it?
No, pray to Statue from Velka the Goddess and you be OK afterward.
How far in the game do you have to be to find Velka? I'm only at the High Wall of Lothric
Wondering the same.
"Blacksmith Andre Information
Can be killed, will respawn but won't enhance equipment for you until next playthrough"

The Statue from Velka the Goddess of sin will not work?
Alright, so like an idiot I killed Andre. He wouldn't upgrade anything anymore and stated "Don't over step your bounds cousin...I'm no slave". Lucky I found the shrine to pray away my sins beforehand. If you killed this guy go to the undead settlement and find the Statue from Velka the Goddess. It's in the sewer with the giant rat. You need a key from the old woman in firelink shrine (you need to give her ashes first).

There is another way to reach the statute without the key and that is by carefully falling down to a chasm where you'll see a cave with spooky skeletons that reanimate. If you follow a path you'll end up by her and can open the door from the outside.