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A Neogaf post showed some leaked screens and dark defense was on there (among other things). While this doesn't really confirm hexes, it does seem to imply that darkness is an element. If not for the players, then at least for the bosses.
That would be lame on their part to not bring them back, I thought it was a great and important expansion in Dark Souls 2 from those few scraggly black scrolls in the Artorias DLC of the first Dark Souls. And what does this mean for pvp? Why have defense for dark damage if you can't cast any dark spells yourself against other players or enemies? OK yeah people did complain about hexes being OP in pvp for Dark Souls 2 but you know what to do to fix that? NOT make it OP! A lot of magic and especially pyromancy was way overpowered in Dark Souls but I don't see the proper solution to that is getting rid of it altogether, as seen here those are obviously coming back. Hexes were a nice addition to the Dark Souls series and getting rid of it because of the Dark Souls 2 association (ohhhh nooooes) would be stupid.
There are no hexes, only "dark" versions of spells that do dark damage. I wouldn't get your hopes up either. Sorcery sucks as it is, and the so called "hexes" suck even worse. Your best bet is pyromancy or possibly miracles if you can get your hands on the solid ones like sun spear.
The language used by the quoted was kind of vague IIRC. He said he hadn't "heard of any hexes," but that was a very early interview and it's entirely possible that they're trying to keep it hush-hush to avoid spilling plot points. Miyazaki probably wouldn't remove something based off of it's association with 2 or else dual-wielding wouldn't be a thing. If he can think of a good place for it I'm sure it will return (plus, ya know, dark defense lol).
Hexes are returning but not as their own category
. if you know the lore sorcery and miracle are at war with each other, since sorcery is considered evil by miracle uses. They added Hexes and then they were "Evil" it makes no sense to add Hexes as a separate class lore wise. It would conflict with the Sorcery vs Miracle lore battle going on. The opposite of Miracles is Sorcery, and hexes ruins the lore that MIyazaki created.

the pictures shown here sais it all. if it isn't Hexes right there then im a goat :P
OK since there are no sources whatsoever saying that hexes are NOT returning I changed it to properly reflect the fact that it is unknown as of this time.
Hm it would be nice to see a return of Hexes BUT instead of direct damage spells (like DS2) focus on debuffs / damage over time like: Black Fog / Silence / Maybe sticky Tar Zones preventing Rolls
@ Reply #3: I had that exact idea! It fits perfectly with the "dark" theme, plus it would make it very unique.
Sacred Oath

Reduces damage taken by ~50% and increases damage dealt by ~30%
Cast time: 4 seconds
Duration: 60 seconds

This looks 2 overpowered -.-
I hope that the numbers are changed by now, otherwise PVP is already *****ed :D




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This is from like months and months ago. August I think.
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You accept bosses being op. Why not pvp to?
Ohh i know why, because then you'd have to us the same build, or get good.



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It was just from a beta build so the da,age numbers we get with launch game may be different :)
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Luck is on our side Guys got a REAL FAT NERF XD both seem around 10% (ATK/DEF) and needs 28 faith sooo ...
lol sacred oath has not changed yet, how ever it takes 70 faith to cast and there is no incence in dark souls 3
There is a hex damage type, so it is likely that it will be for spells, if not weapons. Also, fireball was showcased in a gameplay video, so pyromancy is confirmed definitively.
take that back, in a gameplay hud overview it said attunement is for "sorceries, miracles, and pyromancies" so i guess not hexes, unless it is some hidden thing. not sure.


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Relax guys it`s the same as DS1 = There is no HEX Subtype (Only Sorcery Pyromancy Miracles) but in each Category there are Dark Versions (Dark Sorcery, Dark Pyromancy Dark Miracles) just remember DS1 DLC
I do think there will be "Dark Sorcery" and dark element infusion/buffs for weapons. They may be harkening back to Dark Souls 1 "Occult" infusion and the "Dark Sorcery" aka Hexes will be difficult to find. Can't say for sure how they may scale, but we will know for sure soon!
thank you fexelea
My they certainly are a point of interest lol. They're being strangely cagey about whether or not they'll be in, I wonder what that could mean. Maybe they'll be some kind of plot point this time around, it's strange to think that they'd just throw it out when there's this much concern over they're inclusion. look at last minute or so of video
I wonder if they still scale off faith and int. as a general rule or if they mostly scale off of faith now? Well, either way it helps to know what class to start with.