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By Anonymous
i made my friend play dark souls 3 for the first time, couldn't even kill gundyr after dying more than 10 times, I had to kill him for him smh my guy
By Anonymous
he came back round and still couldn't kill him
By Anonymous
When you wake up Filanore, walk toward the boss fog and this guy comes running towards you again loololol guess i will die now
By Anonymous
im now at ng+3. I have finally parried him consecutively.
This runs gonna be fun now , also this wiki says he is vulnerable to riposte, since when did this version of gundyr be available for a riposte
By Anonymous
i find his name interesting, Iudex Gundyr. as in Judge Gundyr. hes much more difficult than the starting bosses of DS2 and DS1 and he has deep lore around him, hes the Judge, the one who couldnt link the fire so he tests all others with this goal to see if they are worthy, maybe im rambling on but hes interesting as a boss.
By Anonymous
I agree
By Anonymous
So is no one going to mention the fact that the arena you fight this dude in is literally Gravelord Nito's tomb ? You can see it cracked half open in the corner.
By Anonymous
That was planned to be Yhorm's grave. In cut content & the concept art, Yhorm was the first boss of the game, similar to how Nito was originally the first boss of the first game, in the painting of Ariamis.
Altering map assets is hard (the tree jump in firelink was never patched for a reason) os they left it in.
By Anonymous
"fact" my a ss
By Anonymous
What idiot lead game designer thought 'yeah sure, this is a good tutorial first boss'. I just came off playing through DS 1 and 2, which redeemed themselves as you continue, but this first boss...Nothing but starting gear, which is nothing if you happen to choose deprived, and no way to level up or find helpful gear. This is how you get players to never recommend this game to other people, jeezus. 30 minutes into this 'game' and I'm already disappointed.
By Anonymous
pfft, casuals
By Anonymous
You should find the knight class, or the thief's bleed, to be enough to deal with him. If you're REALLY struggling, I recommend playing a little bit of Bloodborne. I'll get you acclimated to the faster pace (and decent graphics)
By Anonymous
lol what a noob try parry trash casul, even when i was a noob i killed him first try
By Anonymous
You are lucky you haven't met champion gundyr yet, ur gonna need to invest tons of souls into luck cuz ur gonna need it
By Anonymous
3 is my first souls game and I killed him on my 3rd try, just admit you're bad and move on
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By Grim_Reaper
the club of the deprived is the best weapon against him....*facepalm
if you choose not to make use of the gear the problem is on you alone.
By Anonymous
Honestly I think he's a good first boss. For previous players of dark souls games it really tells you quick that ds3 is going to be a bit more fast paced than it's previous installments and for new players it quickly shows that the game can be punishing if you don't time dodges or play cautiously
By Anonymous
who ever picked this as the literal tutorial boss is a ****ing quack, the boss itself is not that hard, but far too hard for a tutorial boss, especially since hes virtually impossible for casual players that choose anything that isnt the meta class, god forbid you want balanced stats, or super high dexterity
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
My first run was club, not too hard. Got him on my 3rd try.
By Anonymous
wait what does the ludex part of his name men anyway
By Anonymous
iudex gas the word dex.. so i assume e was a dex build in his past life...
By Anonymous
iudex is latin for judge
By Anonymous
He judges you. if you can beat him you are worthy playing further Dark Souls 3/ worthy opening the golden Gate to Firelink Shrine.
By Anonymous
I started the series with this game and my first boss ever was this guy. Unfortunately I had chosen the deprived class, so u know what happened next... Anyway, I finally two handedly clubbed him to death on maybe 20th try.
By Anonymous
i have no problem with iudex gundry
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