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By Anonymous
ik i was kidding
By Anonymous
In the boss's second phase something that looks like a mix of the primordial serpents and corrupted abyss goo pops out of its back.
By Anonymous
Boss has over 800 HP
By Anonymous
This guy looks really similar to Old King Doran in Demon Souls.
By Anonymous
And mirror knight too (testing thé knight like mirror knight did)
By Anonymous
His armour says "modelled after an old king from a foreign land", so he's very likely supposed to be an Old King Doran reference.
By Anonymous
He can be parried :)
By Anonymous
But the Nameless King cannot, *****
By Anonymous
Dunno, but just thought that Ludex sounds like latin and it translates to Judge, so that would actually fit his role of testing the player ?
By Anonymous
Iudex comes from Latin ius "right", you're correct. Iudex is a word that gave origin to the Italian "Giudice" and also the English judge. Studying Ancient Greek and Latin for twelve years had its purpose, at last.
By Anonymous
its iudex not ludex xD
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By lordnoah
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no wonder people say it wrong iudexs sounds lame and silly
By Anonymous
it doesn't sound lame if you know a bit of Latin
By Anonymous
As I watched the True Colors Alternate trailer again and again, I Saw Iudex Gundry's weapon a few times in the players hand, there was no doubt in my mind that was his weapon. My best guess that you either get the weapon in new game plus or you chop something off to get it.
Just fought him in NG+, doesn't have much more health if you're well equipped, had a 400 damage Dark Sword (Darkwraith Sword I believe in ENG release), drops 15k souls, added that info
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