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By Anonymous
Its just not gud. That's just the way it is
By Anonymous
Currently, I'm a SL 20ish lvl invading for shackles on the 1st and 2nd level. If I invade I run into Fight club filled with high gear or gank squads. I can't co-op because I can't get a summons to save my life. I just want 30 shackles for the WARMTH spell. Can anyone help, give advise. Also Get GUD doesn't count I was in anor londo with another character killed like 20 invader some were the same people, I did once i could do it again so GET GUD does not apply.
By Anonymous
just farm skelly boys in the catacombs, they drop shackles, eventually...
By Anonymous
Have you tried the Red Sign Soapstone? Getting summoned as a dark spirit for "honor duels" is usually a pretty reliable way to farm for covenant items (shackles and tongues). Just make sure to equip the mound maker covenant item and put down a red summoning sign. IMO this way is faster and more fun than farming said items from PVE.
For your SL you could try out the "Highwall of Lothric" and the "Halfway Fortress" bonfires, as those are popular duel spots.

Hope that helps and good luck!
By Anonymous
I've realized that sometimes I or my opponent gets favored by not having the other's delay. Can anyone confirm what's really going on?
By Anonymous
Heres a dumb question. i have ds3 for pc...ive set prefs to play online. No luck... how or where do i login or sign up to play online ??? Please help
By Anonymous
You can try a thing in your inventory looks like a white ring it reconnects you to online if not connected, as well as this in order to get people you must be embered, and people can only join typically within 20 soulmlevels of you
By Anonymous
Pros and cons of ds3 pvp(as an invader):

Pros: more build options, more balanced enemy placement for anti-ganks, consistent combos, good setups for earlygame damage, insane freedom for late game builds, heavily rewards skill and game sense

Cons: gankers, hackers. I would say twinks here as well, but that can be countered pretty well by certain weapons that reward certan playstyles, like Lucerne/glaive, Hollowslayer, sellsword twinblades, dark hand, etc.

Also, no offense to you RKPG twinks, but y'all are honestly easier to fight than non twinks.
By Anonymous
.As someone who uses RKPG I will say the playstyle of them kinda does leave you open, can usually beat invaders who use them with an exile blade or something.
By Anonymous
I am currently trying out a SL-1 (no weapon upgrades) pvp build and usually the pairing (red soapstone) with other players works just fine.
However, sometimes I also get paired with players that deal damage well outside the expected level ranges. Like losing 4/5 of the hp from a simple 2-handed firelink greatsword swing or getting outright one-shot.

Is the scaling/summoning range different for the red soapstone (e.g. compared to the white signs)?

By Anonymous
RoF stamina glitch really dampened this. The amount of people who run forever, hide themselves on ladder if they can, really bums out the experience.
By Anonymous
Not that the experience was any good to begin with. Online was bad since Demon Souls, now it's just even worse.
By Anonymous
Reasons Ds3 online is bad:
- poorly designed p2p severs
- next to no balance
- terrible anticheat
- no maintenance or patches
- bad invasion system

Reasons DS3 online is good:
- despite how terrible it is, it is still fun
By Ckatt31
Anyone on to help in farron keep? Trying to get last flame to open door to abyss watcher. Psn: ckatt31
By Anonymous
Still need help with it?
By Anonymous
si hay diferencia de nivel no se puede jugar online
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