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so how would me and my friends summon each other
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With Microsoft coming out talking about cross platform online and Sony responding by saying they are open minded I'm left hoping they will introduce it into Dark Souls III.
Odds of that happening are most likely 0. I'm sure I read somewhere that from has no interests in that



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when coming eu server online?
I lose my 15k soul because invader killed me .
You must be new.
15k = poop souls you need more fiber.
Name-engraved ring ?is this ring in dark souls 3? How can we play With our friends easier ?
Name-engraved ring ?is this ring in dark souls 3? How can we play With our friends easier ?
Password matching is available much like Bloodborne.
i would actually really like a ring in dark souls 2 to facilitate I play with my friend
Can I do co-op with someone with the same IP? I had this problem in Bloodborne.
Should be able to. I never had problems with same ip in bloodborne played with me,sis,and mom. All the same ip.
As an X-Box gamer, I've never played Bloodborne. How would the password system work? Is there a place you go in-game to enter one. Do you enter a password in from the menu? Can you create your password or are there specific ones that need to be used?
In the pause menu there is an option to set a password of your choice. your friend puts the same unique password in and it should match you together much quicker.
What?? so we can how only invade some1 with lord of cinder on, which most likely for summoning white phantoms, and the hosts gets 1.4x health too?

Do you need to be in ember form to accept a RSS duel?
If this is true, then I'm happy about that. There is nothing worse than getting invaded when you're near the next bonfire/boss. In my opinion, getting rid of that mechanic was one of the worst things that From Software did in DkS2.