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Grave keeper Gunda

Dark Prince

Prince of Lothric

The Beast
"Prince of Lothric" could very well be a reference towards Ludleth, who isn't a boss (as far as we know), but is supposedly an NPC. "Dark Prince" and "The Beast" seem unlikely, as the names seem far too simple.
Yeah I did


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Troll confirmed? wtf.


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Whats that guy? far - - something and his knights, the abysswatchers from the intro cutscene. Artorias confirmed. But really that guy is probably a boss


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No ludex gundyr is real but this guy forgot to link it, It was confirmed by when leaked screenshots of the start of the game came out
"players will find themselves revived in the Untended Graves and will have to face the mighty

Iudex Gundyr = Grave keeper Gunda?



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We should probably keep it linked as "Yhorm the Giant" since that is the specific name mentioned in the trailer. We can add a redirect if the other boss turns out to be the same
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using translate, though this might not be accurate, ludex gundyr means judge Gundy


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combined giant lord and yhorm the giant cause they are the same thing!
The original post cites "Gravekeeper Gunda" which is eerily similar to "Judge Gundyr"... its possible that this guy might actually be for real, though some of the other names seem a little unlikely.
early this man wrote big list of bosses (now it's deleted). Where i can find this list, someone know?
Iudex is Latin for Judge, but the name Gundyr is not at all Latin. Google Translate uses the -r ending as indication that it is a name, hence "Gundy". My assumption is that Gundyr is some sort of either cool-sounding name or something that has a separate meaning in a different language. It may have something to do with his second "Black Mass" form.
Ocerios, the Consumed King. This could possibly be the giant skeleton/hollow creature we saw in one of the trailers?
Vordt of the Boreal Valley has a sword with something referring to his current state of being, for those interested in the lore. Ithyll (?) Straight Sword.
The Lothric Knights apparently hunted dragons before eventually taming the dragons. That's pretty neat.
Soul of Cinder is, as the name suggests, probably not a boss. Possibly music for an area more than anything else.
Old Demon King... oh boy, time for King Allant 2.0.
Looking at the images, I think the giant skeleton is Wolnir.
I believe that Ocerios is the giant skeleton too... Maybe a NPC that becomes hostile after you smash him, like Ancient Dragon. Aldrich in my opinion, controls the black goo things that appear in some parts like Iudex Gundyr second form and some monsters in the game. Maybe he is a human form goo? lol

About the Soul of Cinder, i think he will be the final boss, after the lords of cinder reunion... the flame rise again, like an avatar.
choose map i know king Gwyn 1 talk
Area Bosses Mini Bosses Expansion Bosses
look son is Ancient Wyvern no kill
Area Mini Expansion


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A while ago a picture of a boss concept art was shown, called "The Dirty Beast". It's a very Bloodborne looking boss. The strongest beasts in Bloodborne usually had religious titles such as "cleric" or "vicar". On this boss list one of these sounds very similar : Pontiff Sulyvahn. This boss even has a ring named after it called "Pontiff's Left Eye", the description explains that he turns people into frenzied beasts... Both of those things played a huge role in Bloodborne. It only makes perfect sense.
Aldrich, Devourer of Gods.... Something about that name sounds very final boss-like. Is it possible that s/he is the Chosen Undead from the first game? Because the Chosen Undead is the only thing in the lore that I now of that has "devoured" gods
Never mind apparently the final boss seems to be "Countess of Ashes"
Well if you hear the song for Aldrich, you can hear the theme of Gwyndoline/moonlight butterfly
So SPOILER ALERT: I think Aldrich is Gwyndoline consumed by darkness. They look similar too
only 19 boss
look added here as it becomes available.