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Looks like crystallized humanity. I wonder if this is what happens to humanity when it is "kindled."


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"The dying flame seeks its new master." (unsure where this came from? perhaps network test) left it in just in case.
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Yep, it looks just like the humanity in DS that the statues at the second bonefire in Oolacile take after. Seams like humanity with an aura of flame arround it, burning ...
Also "Gain the strength of flame and increase max HP until death" makes one think about some defense/resistances increases after use but did not have the means to observe this yet.
How do you get it? is it a drop from boss? can you get it while on client mode( at someone else's world)?
I played offline, so I can't vouch whether or not helping someone gives you kindled form (I'm pretty sure it does though), however, embers are found throughout the world as item drops and you turn kindled (human) after defeating a boss in your own world. I can't remember if any enemies dropped embers, sorry.
I don't see any entries stating that you can get these indefinitely under any circumstances, like you could with soft humanities by defeating enemies in an area with the boss not killed. Does that mean multiplayer will be limited? :(
I believe you get one after successfully helping someone kill a boss in co-op. Might even get one for invading. Not sure.
Are Embers going to be farmable for people who are doing Co-op runs with friends? or are they going to be purchasable? would like to know since I'm streaming this with friends once it releases.
@, I'm not gonna need that many only reason I'm asking is because my friend is terrible with the Souls Series and he's going to die a lot more then I ever will. plus I'm going to be able to play it at midnight on release day my friend is not since he has to work that day. So i'll have hours of experience with the first few bosses before he gets on and starts his.
Haven't found out yet but I hear the enemies that like evolve into the black slime monsters drop embers not sure yet
Good question. I just finished beating the game yesterday and can't remember if any enemies dropped embers. I finished the game with about 45 embers after using only 5 or so throughout the playthrough (for healing; no online on xbone English version), so hopefully that should be enough for you when playing with your friends.
seems killing an invader or a host gives you an Ember
they can be farmed from lothric knights, but they're fairly rare
There's a place in the firelink shrine where you can buy them. 3 for 2000 souls. Forgot who the NPC was but there are only so many..
I wonder, consuming the ember turns in lord of cinder mode, but what would happen if you have a dark sigil, kys so that you become hollow, and THEN consume an ember? Do you turn human to, or do you becoming a flaming hollow?
flaming hollow
I guess it doesn't increase your fire resistance then, that's fair though i thought it would of done that