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If we are being picky than I'd like a source stating "roaring flame" is the scientific name for blue fire.
Those may be the new "ash" spells people were talking about rather than pure "pyromancy". Maybe the chaos pyromancies gave way for these new variants of pyromancy, I don't know.
I would like a blue pyromancy flame if it could also cast sorceries.
Pyromancies confirmed? image taken directly from



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i would actually like the idea of blue pyromancy as a form of improved pyromancy, just like fire become blue the stronger it burns, you could make it a ascended pyromancy flame or something
Also a flames color does not determine it's size, color is determined by the temputure and the material being burned.
Those are the spell icons from the Dark Souls 2 network test.
Lordnoah, if we are being picky (I am) then it would have to have a smaller hit box, blue flames are scientificly called roaring flames, the are smaller than a regular burning flame. So even though they are stronger, they also have a smaller chance of hitting....
Got the descriptions from the game's loading screens. You are welcome!
Is purification actually a spell or did someone misname sacred flame? The description of sf makes me think they are one in the same.
purification and sacred flame are different spells.. i found it, and listed the location, but i can't read japanese sorry :(
Not showing sacred flames description for some reason
It is a boss soul's spells
Soul of a Stray Demon can be turned into it.
You get it by trading the soul of the stray demon who wanders on top of the bridge above the ferron wolf's layer in the great swamp.
Interesting group of spells. I'm going to need a lot of attunement slots and fp. Fromsoft just made me a pyromancer!
The pyromancy called purification is located in the Grand archives. It is in the room directly to the right of the 1st wax pool you encounter.. In between 2 bookshelves to the left of a library staircase is a lever. When pulled a Bookshelf to the left of the lever will move to reveal a small room with a special whip weapon and the pyromancy purification.
Yeah, it's "Power Within" that can be found here (on the corpse at the wall).
It was "power within" and the whip for me. Can anyone confirm this?
I hope that we get the spit animation from dark souls 1 when we use the mist spells
Here's how you get to the Smouldering Lake Dark Souls 3
Is the above list complete, because i've got them all but not the steam achievement?


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nevermind, found on youtube that i am missing black serpent from Wolnir Soul


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same here, got all listed above - no achievement
This section should really have a collum for the length that buffs last for. Like how long does weapon buff or charm spell last