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By Anonymous
wooohooo finally beat her on my level 1 run
By Anonymous
yorshka bell +4, 30 faith and dorhys. her blood runs out with hits over 600. that was quicker then my pyromancer kill
By Anonymous
To people complaining to be forced into this fight without recovery time: If you do NOT interact with the dying NPC in that room after having been teleported there , you can simply leave the location, go to the next fire and rest or teleport.
By Anonymous
You can interact with her. You just don't walk too close to the decapitation statue otherwise that will trigger the boss fight.
By Anonymous
Took a bit but the key to this fight is patience, don't get greedy. Get in your one or two hits then back up and prepare to dodge her attacks.
When she goes into her second phase make as much distance as you can because she will do a long spin attack.
Also she can't be parried which kinda sucks
By Anonymous
Being forced into this fight after already killing a different boss that you may have already struggled with is a really **** thing for fromsoft to do. Considering the difficulty of this boss, unless you manage to bone out, those souls you got from the previous lord of cinder are pretty much gone. No downtime at all you go from potentially your 10th try on one boss you may have struggled with immediately into another boss you definitely will stuggle on with 0 warning. Idk what tf they were thinking pulling something like that, I'm just glad I managed to bone out before I died with 50k+ souls.
By Anonymous
Seems like you problem, this isn’t a problem for more experienced players and neither is for a newbie because they will not have 50k in the second area of the game.
By Anonymous
You do not have to start the boss fight though, after the telerpoting there, just do not interact with Emma and go to bonfire down the hill (Vordt of the Boreal Valley one), and you all sorted out. Pretty obvious solution
By Anonymous
People talking about maintaining distance and use spells/pyro in phase 1. She's on my *** no matter how much I distance myself. I'm sub-50% weight with decent stamina too.
By Anonymous
Just upgrade your crossbow to +6 or 7, then after that play phase 1 normally, once you get to phase 2 jump from pillar to shoot from long range, in a circle around the room.
By Anonymous
This boss wouldn’t be hot garbage if I didn’t get combo’s into a one hit every time, seriously the stun lock in ds3 is atrocious and a fatal game flaw
By Anonymous
Found out what makes her so unnatural and difficult. If you look closely, her sword strikes actually take effect before her arms move to strike. It's nonsensical and throws the human brain off.
By Anonymous
Shout to the people who suggested dark hand. Just pounded the **** out of her comically round posterior and she dropped in less than a minute.
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