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By Anonymous
Forgive me father for I am down bad
By Anonymous
stg reading all these funny *** comments is even better than the game itself
By Anonymous
I use the dark arts with the witch of izalith staff and won fair and square
By Anonymous
took me 500 attempts to beat her before planting the banner, sl24 with sstb+2
By Anonymous
ay we all start sumwhere good ****
By Anonymous
So unpredictable, then out of nowhere slices you up with great speed. Scary fighting this boss underleveled.
By Anonymous
much easier than pontiff to a non parry player.
By Anonymous
Murakumo and rotten pine resin made short work of this cheap tart.
By Anonymous
Black fire orb is very damaging but great chaos fire orb was equally disgusting. When I deleted her with my pyromancer she was dead in 5 casts. I had both pyromancy rings and the fire clutch ring equipped.
By Anonymous
Black Flame Orb with +6 Pyromancy Flame and 23 Int/Faith hits for 500 damage. Easy win first try as pyromancer build.
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By MatinArtorias
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If you block her thrusting attack with a good shield(I used the lothric knight shield) her sword will bounce off and you'll have a good amount of time(~4 sec) to attack her head and likely end up with a stagger and riposte
By Anonymous
Killed on the 2° try, the first one it played dirt I killed yhorm without the weapon and I got summoned here without 2 flasks left. The key is slowly beating her, never go for a full combo if you don't know the next move, she have a lot of bait attacks so when you came closes she will do a full spin and chunk your hp off, so wait for her turn give some hits and backoff, always go in and out of fight and she will be easy
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