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By Anonymous
How can we download the music that is played during the boss battle so we can set it as a ringtone if we wanted to.
By Anonymous
of course the Dancer of the Frigid Valley would very well have to be a "normal" kind hearted and friendly person if she were a real actual young adult human woman living in today's modern times in the United States of America folks!
By Anonymous
Day one edition will have the soundtrack. Not sure if it will have the track you want though.
By Anonymous
She perhaps looked very fine and sexy looking in her former human form folks and if the Dancer of the Frigid Valley was an actual real human female woman living as a young adult woman in today's modern times I'll very well tap dat beautiful bootylicious booty on her fo sho!
By Anonymous
maybe its a fragment of her soul mixed with Autorius, i mean no one can deny how she looks just like them. In fact i wouldn't be surprised if that were the case since she does dress like a mix of the two and her blades are the same and theres the statue of Artorius in one of the coroners
By Anonymous
Reminds me of Lord's Blade Ciaran from Dark Souls 1. Given that the Knights of Gwyn were not mortal, perhaps this boss is some reincarnation of Ciaran?
By Anonymous
That could actually be Ciaran!
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By HazamaOuroborous
Anyone know why the "boss defeated" sound is heard during the cutscene?
By Eadel
Can anybody confirm, that the statue in the back of the bossroom, where you get the soul, looks like Artorias? His left arm looked crippled and in his right hand he held a big sword, as far as I could have seen.
By Anonymous
there's a bunch of artorias cosplayer ( complete with greatsword of artorias replica ) named "Farron's Undead Legion" on the new cinematic trailers, so this theory doesn't seems too far fetched....
By Anonymous
there's a bunch of artorias cosplayer ( complete with greatsword of artorias replica ) named "Farron's Undead Legion" on the new cinematic trailers, so this theory doesn't seems too far fetched....
By Anonymous
Artorias was an incredibly influential partner of Gwyn, and it appears that his connection to the original Lord of Cinder has affected the landscape greatly. My general idea is that he is revered by the Hollows/Unkindled living at the Wall. It is also very possible that the Dancer is an alternate universe version of Ciaran... ice vs fire, each have a pair of unique blades, and each are related to some extent to Artorias.
By Eadel
If the statue is about to cut his head off, it may mean, that he is losing his mind, like Artorias did, when we fight him in Dark Souls 1.

Also: IF it is Artorias and the bossfight only starts, because we take the soul in front of it, then maybe the Boss actually is, in some kind, a reincarnation of Ciaran. The "Soul of a Proud Knight" could be a fragment of the soul of Artorias, which Ciaran wanted to keep, after we killed him. So when we take this soul, the last memory of Artorias, that she had, she clearly wants it back.

Maybe that's too much speculation, but I like to think that way.
By Anonymous
+Eadel I am writing a guide for darksouls 3 so at the moment I have been gathering as much info as I can now because once the game comes

it will blow up in my face. But a specific part of the guide is for lore, and yesterday I saw your comment and thought about it. So I did research

and I found that you are 100 % correct. In fact lots of ciaran's dialogue foreshadows this boss fight when she sais "You humans, always taking

what you want." and she is clearly grieving for artorias at his grave. The Dancer wears a black veil, one you would wear is you were mourning.

The item description for the gold tracer talks about a fluid dance when using the weapon. Not only is the dancer a reincarnation of Ciaran but

Ciaran isn't a regular lord so how could her soul be reincarnated like the lords going from Darksouls to Darksouls 2. She can't so the only way

for this to be would be for her to have become a lord of Cinder so that the bell would reawaken her into her new form. Now the last part of this

is unable to be proven like the other parts but to become a lord of cinder you have to have linked the fire right? So at some point in time Ciaran

linked the fire, now comes the speculation part. Remember back to when the lore said that either ending in dark souls results in the events of

darksouls 2 because if you don't link the fire someone else does, well that someone else is likely to have been Ciaran. Thank you eadel for leading me down the little strand of lore and You can expect to have your fextra profile name somewhere on this page of my guide.
By Anonymous
It would make sense seeing as the swords look like her tracer swords
By Anonymous
This boss can easily be cheesed with Ludwigs +10 and A Call Beyond
By Anonymous
Wrong wiki
By Anonymous
Anything can be cheesed with A Call Beyond.
By Anonymous
You're in the wrong wiki, my friend.
By Anonymous
Dark Sword is the new Ludwigs
By Anonymous
Does the name suggest that she is from royce
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The name "Frigid Valley" brings to mind the Frigid Outskirts, which were an area in Eleum Loyce. Its definitely possible that there is a connection, but I would assume for now that they are separate locations.
By Anonymous
Would explain her having swords like carian's since eleum loyce was most likely built off of lost izelith, ik i cant spel :P
By Anonymous
She's not in the Lothric Cathedral anymore.
By Anonymous
The idea that she has been moved is false. There two ways to activate her - progress through the story, or kill the npc in the room.
By Anonymous
You fight her later in the game, but she's still in the same room
By Anonymous
Yeah I noticed that. I'm gonna be pissed if only the poeple in stress test got to fight her
By Anonymous
DAT *** BOSS <3
Drops 180k souls on NG+, extremely good since you have the equipment to defeat the boss right at the star unlike in NG where it would be hellishly difficult
By Anonymous
So it's possible to fight get the daggers very early on?
By Anonymous
He is the son or a version ? xD
By Anonymous
she and no
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