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I'm got really lucky on this boss fight, I had a divine blessing on me so I was able to do it first attempt
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you get like 1 fps on the xbone fighting this boss, same as dragon slayer armour. absolute mess
Fatty rear
Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well
twelve food radius?
ive beaten her first try on my first playthrough with 6 estus left, kinda a surprise boss, but if anyone have problem fighting her circling her to right direction nonstop and hit her once or twice helps me to get through her (also i wield 100% phy dmg block standart shield)
Like all Souls Bosses, then can be beat by following the ancient Souls Strategy. Swiggity Swooty, Stick to the Booty
Try using lightning bolts with a +6 arbalest. It allows you to attack at a range when you want, and does a decent amount of damage. I paired it with a raw dragon slayer’s axe +6, and it did some work.
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whoever said blocking is good. you are *****ing dumb.


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well... using the dragon crested shield i find is helpful (for the first round) to gain distance and recover your hp. or you can do what [you] probably do, being super aggresive and accepting that you will die.
sounds like either you don't use a shield (casual) or have never had your life saved with a block


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I find very effective to slapp her with the dark hand for an early kill just after Vordt