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After about 50 deaths, I can proudly say that I have defeated this magnificent boss at SL 1. She put up a good fight, but in the end just couldn’t compete with the Deprived lunatic and his trusty club. One of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done in a SoulsBorne game. Thanks for reading, and good luck!!
Im trying right now SL1 xD
Took me like 50 tries sl1 too, now playing normally makes her feel extremely easy. Know her moves better then I can read
Cancer of the boreal valley
Beyblade The Boss. Here's some fitting music for this fight. "You spin me right round (like a record)"
I'm by far one of the most mediocre DS players you can imagine. Died 10 times to Pontiff, countless times to Abyss Watchers and Aldirch. Yhorm I cheesed with Siegward (but I loved his quest and characters,had to help him!). After killing Yhorm I was immediately teleported to the cathedral and stupidly, started the boss fight with Dancer, right after Yhorm. I just equipped Ring of Sacrifice to prepare to die and not lose souls after Yhorm. I thought to see what are her attacks. She seemed erratic in her movements, but gave my melee Ultra Greatsword knight plenty of space to attack and heal. Killed her in firs try, really liked her style and kind of "I don't give a ***** about you" movements. Seeing other comments looks like I got lucky.
You're a legend m8
The Abyss Watchers aren’t really a hard fight you just get pale Londor and time his attacks. Also his attacks are relatively easy to dodge for the most due to how telegraphed his movements are and how slow they take to charge up. Just don’t get hit.
"Just don’t get hit." That's a really useful tip bro.
Yeah, 2 hours trying to defeat this boss early game, still could not defeat, died many times that cant count, summoned 3 players that wanted to help, killed the boss in first try, no one died... :) (The rage made me summon the people... sorry)
don't feel bad about summoning, as long as you enjoy the game while doing it. It's in the game for a reason


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summoning is fine. you did it early game too. congrats! :) i cant say the same for myself (being late game and still not able to anything let alone kill her).
Pyromancer 33/33 int/fa with relevant gear using black fire orb absolutely destroyed her. Just spam it as soon as you enter and while she approaches you. Avoid the first combo and try to keep her close to the door. She should transition at this point, so punish a bit more then run away to completely avoid her whirlwind. She's dead after that
I’ve died multiple times to the dancer, losing my dignity, I’m SL 39, I’ve beat Vordt, Cursed Rotted Greatwood, The Crystal Sage, Deacons Of the Deep, The Abyss Watchers, and Wolnir but I can’t seem to pull it off.
Your best option to kill dancer early on is to buy the dark hand. Get yourself a good shield too and some decent armor. Dancer used to be a problem for me to till I learned about the dark hand.
Me: oh crap here we go again Dancer: *slowly grins* The title screen: “YOU DIED” Me: *throws controller* Dancer: the cycle will repeat.
damn bruh your so funny haha
Onyx blade + Dark clutch ring did some serious damage on Dancer. Be weary of the de-buff on the clutch ring.
I already gave up once i saw how much damage my great heavy soul arrow did to this monster, it took like about 2% hp? and then i just said "oh*****" and the personification of cancer grabbed me and smashed me on the ground like a toy and one hitted me (note that i quite-easily defeated abyss watchers on the first try but i am still helpless against dancer) and i play offline because i dont pay the monthly subscription that is always required for every. single. damn. online game at xbox one, so i cant really get any help from other players, you can call me casul and salty and tell me to git gud or whatever but you have to consider that its my first playthrough and usually even pro-players suffer a lot in this boss :/ the thing now will be progressing more and more through the game in order to get superbuffed by having like a ultragreatsword +3 (its the best i can do since i unfortunately wasted all my large titanite shards in a partizan) and then get magic weapon and infuse it or maybe just get crystal soul spear because after all i am a mage, so i quite rely on long range and that's how i defeated gundyr, vordt, crystal sage and the abyss watchers (and now that i think about it, i kinda regret popping the deacons souls instead of exchanging it for the AMAZING deep soul spell which i heard a lot about it being good af in PvP because of the low focus cost and great heatseeking ability :D)
i could not agree more bro, that dancer is just cancer
i can feel your pain, trust me, this boss one of the hardest in and most bullsh*t in this game
good news: i just defeated her with the pestilent mist haha that was great but damn i only managed to defeat her after killing yhorm
oh, congratulations then, btw that's the easiest way to defeat her, good thing you discovered how to do it
Wait when did you fight this boss? Because it's pretty late game when you should