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Yeah but when the armour comes off I bet it hit's the floor along with her c
Dancer SL1 Strategy: Deep Great Mace +7. Does incredible damage even though you don't meet the weapon requirements.
For all casters, google 'Intelligence kills Dancer of the Boreal Valley' for additional guidance
your still putting these comments on bosses?
In the playbook it says she can do ~600HP to a SL81 character. If she is doing that much damage, the player must be wearing the weakest armor given that you can survive the hit with a SL14 character that has 403HP
Boss damage scales with your level. The same hit will do the same % of my health to my high level as it does to my SL1 character.
I wonder if I could beat her with a +4 lothric knight sword and the lothric knight set...
Why you put these ideas in my head? Now im gotta do it.
you can beat her fists only my dude
well, depending on your other stats (stamina, hp, buffs) and experience with the game, you can beat any boss using any weapon.
I just found out that if you have a fire weapon you, not just the dancer, can also set the room on fire... even right before the dancer shows up. I found this out because I killed ema for interrupting my moment with the onion knight and the wall behind her caught fire. I also hit some of the surrounding pillars with a charged heavy from the profaned great-sword before placing the basin and it worked. Cool little detail I never would have noticed.
It'll be on fire in dancers cutscene too by the way.
You can also do it in the beginning of the game before you even talk to Ema if you feel like wasting some firebombs or are on ng+
She goes Sicko mode


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How is this thing one of the hardest bosses? The first time encountered it it took me 3 tries to beat it with a +3 Greataxe, before I even encountered Vordt.
Because you are so wonderful and special and so much better than anyone else.
Probably because you're not telling the truth. :)
This boss really is easy lmao, it literally just takes patience to let all her attacks finish before going for your own
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Nameless is hard, but all his moves are telegraphed. Once you master those, you can do him. Dancer on the other hand never telegraphs anything, which I think makes her harder. If her fight was as long as nameless, with two fights, dancer would definitely be harder.
That's what I thought after first 15 times she killed me. Then I started to learn her patterns, now it's easy.
Spells are much harder than melee, you're a sitting duck when you cast. The instant you start to cast she may decide to swing and there's nothing you can do. At higher levels, when 6 great soul dregs can kill her in seconds, that's a different story, but when you are SL1 casting chaos fireball and only 2 castings before you have to use mana potion, then spells are far harder than melee. You can use a dusk ring to get a 3rd cast, but then you die from any hit.
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