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By Anonymous
Elden ring is real
By Anonymous
We shall all become hollowed before the point it is released. May the flames guide thee...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
obvious troll, we all know Noobslayer would never use that trash. He's too busy creating even worse fashion souls and working on his running game.
By Anonymous
In Dark Souls, I feel you either die a casul or play long enough to become a tryhard
By Elphie2021
What’s a good weapon choice for the Smoldering Lake? I haven’t played that area before and I’m still kind of new to the game.
By Anonymous
Diffineately go with the black knight ultra greatsword. You can farm it from the respawning black knight in road of sacrifices at the farron perimeter bonfire, just continue down the path with the slav squatting grus and he'll beright there. I recommend using it with atleast 40 in both strength and dexterity. The reason why this is my recommendation is because it does 30% extra damage to demons, which are in smouldering l lake. Definately practise with it awhile though, since for a new player it can be hard to master. Keep in mind it is an ultra greatsword, meaning that it does alot of damage, at the cost of high weight and slow attacks, though I doubt it would take you long to master it. It can also be very deadly throughout your playthrough, not just in smouldering lake. REALLY hope this could have been to any use
By Anonymous
You can run into the cavern in smoldering lake and get the black knight sword, which is the greatsword equivalent of the black knight ultra greatsword. Its behind an illusiary wall, and is guarded by a black knight wielding a great axe.
By Anonymous
If you truly wanna show your so called skill, go kill midir with an unleveled demon scar. Maybe then you re worth something more than those bragging pieces of sht out there.
By Anonymous
Pathetic, try beating midir with a broken white hair talisman
By Anonymous
How bout' you go do it, a**hole?
By Anonymous
What's that? You know a Dark Souls game with good PvP?
Yeah, that's what I thought
By Anonymous
Dark souls 2.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
salty boy just got the splitleaf combo in his face to many times
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
DS2 still good for PvP, DS3 is my favorite but still
By Anonymous
Just admit that the Gotthard TwinWINswords are the best weapon in the game. You all make me laugh with how poor your brains function, but I shall guide you all to the light soon enough, you worms writhing in darkness and dirt.
By Anonymous
Quit copying the pkcs guy.
By Anonymous
A pale imitation of the pkcs guy
By Anonymous
Where’s the Got Hard joke?
By Anonymous
That's some weak-*** attempt at trolling
By Anonymous
I can't believe you unwashed wastes of resources are commenting on my post. Do you not realized how vastly inferior you are to me? You can't even begin to comprehend the difference between myself and you, yet you think to reply to my post? I wish I could delete my own post, simply to wipe the fact that you all had dared to comment to me.
By Anonymous
You are trying so hard to troll people but u fail every time lol.
By Anonymous
You utter buffon, do you not realize the undying might that is a +0 uninfused broken sunlight spear?!
By Anonymous
You know what’s worse than a pompous ****, a ripoff of that pompous ****
By Anonymous
The best way to kill someone is with dung pies because you **** on them and they died cause nobody bothers collecting purple moss clumps lol
By Anonymous
Let’s test that theory
By Anonymous
Ds3 fextralife = pkcslife
By Anonymous
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