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By Anonymous
I love not participating in the PVP in Fromsoft games. I have no idea how many weapons I should be hating for being OP/useless, I just grab whatever looks good and start swinging.
By Anonymous
I love not participating in the PVP in Fromsoft games. I have no idea how many weapons I should be hating for being OP/useless, I just grab whatever looks good and start swinging.
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unpopular opinion, just hear me out alright. i know this might be a strong opinion. sorry if it offends anyone (sorry for bad english). dark souls 3 is good
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"And the lord poked his head out, from the parted clouds...
He looked down upon his followers, in chaos, and anarchy...
And out he tossed, a... canister of gasoline, and from his mouth, the words were...

"**** it.""
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The Black Knight weapons are the best weapons From has ever designed. Not only do they have several unique moves, but almost all of those moves are worth using, to the point that I willingly and comfortably change between one- and two-handing them throughout a fight. Two handing the Black Knight Sword and claymore-waving is the last thing I'll do with it. Having such functional and diverse movesets make them incredibly fun to play, and I'm sorely disappointed that there's nothing even close to them in Elden Ring.
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I was thinking about this exact thing, this is why I came back to visit this page LOL.
By Anonymous
Actually, there is this greataxe...
By Anonymous
Actually, there is this Smough's Great Hammer...
By Anonymous
gankers are bad hehehehehe
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I was a happy Dark Souls newb when I began playing. I was learning the game and enjoying the diversity of weapons and spells. But then I stood on a hill and looming in the distance, there it was - Irythill of the Boreal Valley. I descended upon the beautiful city and came across a guardsman of the city. I slay them as any other vermin I came across, his body full of gear screams as it clashes against the ground. Upon the lifeless body of the overworked solider lay a beaming light - it beckoned me, calling my name. Dark clouds settled above me as I naively reached out to pick up the object. It felt forever as I was extending my arm towards it, my last moments of DS3 Meta ignorance. Finally, there it stood firmly in my bloodshed hands, a Pontiff Knight Curved Sword. A serene weapon, eaten by insects and frost slept all around the blade ready to unleash its powers. I stared at the blade, images of Glory flashed before me as I raised the sword to the clouds washing away above me. There was no turning back, Lords were murdered, Dark phantoms vanquished and Hosts and White phantoms alike where terrorised by my every growing bloodlust seeping into my mind and new found partner. Nothing was the same anymore, I had to utlise the PKCS no matter what. I lost my sanity the more and more I conquered with this blade.
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yes glory to the PKCS
By Anonymous
Very theatralic
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People: *Arguing over which weapon has the best scaling for different builds and what to level up*

Players with 802 lvl: I missed the part where thats my problem
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This was my first Dark Souls game, yet the one I have the most mixed feelings about. This game was a shift into a new era of Fromsoft games and it's the most polarizing game I've ever played.

A game full of questionable game design, excellent characters, and a completely black and white reception.

I don't love or hate this game, but it just feels very awkward in the sense that I never expected the game to end up this way. Ruined by people who don't care for the prosperity of it.

I'm glad I played the other Fromsoft games, they were all extremely fun for me, but Dark Souls III just doesn't sit right with me anymore. There's no magic anymore because the game is so straightforward.

Not my favorite game, but definitely one I'll remember for the rest of my life.
By Anonymous
what the hell are you even trying to communicate
By Anonymous
it's not that hard meathead to decipher the single most obvious thing about the game: too short and too linear. i feel pretty bad you're lacking so much in communication
By Anonymous
Finally some good weapons that just smack enemies. No bleed, no magic beams, no teleports
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